If only traveling with a bunch of bikes, loads of equipment and all of the other stuff that the BAM and Russbrown.com crew needs could be easier! With 2 fully loaded trailers, a full crew and assorted gear hauling ass to Daytona seemed like a pain the ass, add in the recent storm weather and you have what the crew ran into in Texas….Snow, and poor road conditions.
I am pretty sure that had i been driving we would have just pushed on through since i live in Northern Michigan and a bit of snow never stopped me from going anywhere 🙂 but when you add all of the other people on the road grinding to Florida to make it on time for Bike Week, then i guess you can understand the reason for the short pit stop in Texas.
The whole Russbrown.com and BAM crew are some of the hardest working people you will ever meet, they suit up and show up at hundreds of Bike shows and events all across the country to show their support for bikers and their love of the lifestyle. In case you don’t know what BAM is, well think of it as a 100% free biker support services for any and all bikers who need some assistance while traveling on the highways. From road side assistance, bike storing and transporting, blood donations in the case of serious injury, and a network of over 400 biker friendly attorney’s who are ready and willing to help you with legal advice and assistance should you or a loved one gets hit while on the road.
Join BAM 100% freeFor the most part, bikers traveling on the road is worry free, but when trouble happens having a network of people who are ready and willing to help can turn a bad situation into some minor downtime, and what the hell the BAM card is free! In the case of a an accident or serious injury BAM’s network of over 400 Lawyers can step in to protect your rights and get the legal proceedings started.
Daytona Bike Week is sure to be another fun filled segment of the biker lifestyle in Florida, and even if you don’t ride, you will surly find plenty of fun things to do and see, and if you get bored you can drop by our booth and get your BAM card, and maybe take some cool pix with the BAM girls!
If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident you need an aggressive and skilled motorcycle accident lawyer to fight for your rights. Call 1-800-4-BIKERS today!
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