BAM Motorcycle lawyersHi Readers. A great story crossed my desk today in regards to the BAM program that is sponsored by Russ Brown Motorcycle Lawyers. I am sharing this story because I have seen first hand that the BAM program can work. BAM is free roadside and legal assistance for motorcyclists nationwide. It is a volunteer network of Bikers Helping Bikers®. We recommend this as a backup tool to a paid service like AAA or the HOG program.

Why use BAM as a back-up? Well, a paid service is guaranteed though sometimes they can take a while to get a flat-bed to you. BAM is volunteer; this means we are calling volunteers like you to see if you are able to help a stranded motorcyclist. Sometimes we can get someone quite quickly. Other times it is challenging, like in the middle of the night or during rush hour traffic in a city like Los Angeles or New York.

But the beauty of BAM is that we are not limited in how we can help in an emergency like the letter you are about to read below…

Ok, Friday morning about 10 to 7:00 a.m. I get a call from a Bam member Mike in Galveston, TX. He has a situation that he wants to know if I can help him. He left some medical equipment in a Days Inn in Huntsville, TX. which he said is about 110 miles from Galveston. He figures that someone from Huntsville will be going to event in Galveston (3 day event Fri-Sun). I start calling Bam members in Huntsville and leaving messages. I then call a guy listed in the database as ” D” So I called him, he tells me that he always goes to the Galveston event but there was a death in the family so he couldn’t go this time. I gave him my condolences. He then gave me a number of local bike shop “American Iron Horse” and said to try them, that they would know if there were any locals were going to Galveston event.

I called them and explained the situation to him and asked if he knew of anyone making trip to Galveston & to call the 800 # and ask for me. Well about 15 minutes later a guy named Charles (he was head of a M/C group) said he was going to Galveston ( on his motorcycle). Wanted to know how big item was. I called Mike and he told me it was size for a grapefruit. I called Charles back and gave him Mike’s ph #. He called Mike and said he would pick up Medical item at the Days Inn and bring it to Mike. Mike was thrilled. I felt good knowing we were able to help him.
I had called into office to tell Jericho about it and tells me that Mike called and was still waiting on package. I called Mike from home and asked him if he got package yet. He said he was still waiting for it. I head into office. Later Marge called and said Mike had call my home ph # and said he did get the package. He thanked us again. He was really pleased and praised Bam. He said he hopes to return the favor and help someone like he was helped today. (James, BAM).

BAM works. Thank you to all those bikers who are volunteers in our network!

If you want to read more about BAM check it out at

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