California Personal Injury LawyersRiding in the Dark—the Dangers of Motorcycle Riding at Night

Driving any vehicle at night can be difficult, but riding a motorcycle along California’s freeways and highways at night can be down-right dangerous. Night riding puts California motorcyclists in extreme danger and can lead to serious injuries and even death. Before you hit the road tonight, here are a few things to consider.
The Dangers of Being a Night Rider
Decreased visibility is just one of the many dangers California motorcyclists face at night. Wandering animals, drunk and impaired drivers, and improperly maintained roadways all make night riding even more dangerous for California motorcyclists. When a California motorcycling accident does occur, the darkness often prevents injured motorcyclists from being noticed by other drivers or safety vehicles.
Just this past week, two California motorcyclists were seriously injured in a motorcycle crash in Joshua Tree National Park. Due to the remote location and the darkness, the injured motorcyclists were not discovered for 2 hours. For many serious motorcycling injuries, a few hours can make a difference between life—and death.
How to Ride Safely at Night
One of the best ways to remain safe while riding at night is to wear bright and reflective clothing. This way, other drivers will notice you more easily while you are on the road. Not only will reflective clothing decrease your chances of being hit, if you are to become injured in a California motorcycling accident, reflective clothing will increase your chances of being noticed by passing vehicles—even if you are thrown off of your bike.
In addition to wearing reflective clothing, don’t speed, never drink and drive, and always carry identifying information both on you and on your bike.
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