Custom Harley chopper design By Mike Toupin of Chopper Design Group in La Habra CaliforniaWhat it is that drives the need to ride a one of a kind custom motorcycle? Maybe it’s the love of being part of the design you ride, or maybe the look and feel of a motorcycle no one has, could it be ego, or just a mix of all of the above and more. Whatever it is that drive men to designing and building custom choppers; for every bike that is built, there are men standing in line to purchase them, so maybe that is why building custom motorcycles is so damn popular… If you build it, they will ride it!
For as long as they have been motorcycles, there have been men pouring every once of their energy into perfecting them; from the first production motorcycle that was built in the 1860’s to the present, motorcycle engineers and designers around the world have taken the idea of 2 The Diverse Design of Custom Motorcycleswheeled transportation to new levels of artistry, design and pure power that their forefathers would have never dreamed possible.
Custom Chopper designers like Mike Toupin, have spent a lifetime in fine-tuning both the artistic and technical processes that go into building custom Harley choppers for their customers. While each design has the same core components: frame, engine & trans, wheels, and paint, what goes into shaping and breathing life into those components to render them into a one of a kind mechanical works of art is what separates these true masters of custom Harley design from the rest.
The artful industry of custom motorcycle design comes in all flavors, from old school Harleys, sexy Harley choppers, to more exotic superbikes, and no matter what make or style you are into, there is a designer out there who has what you are looking for.
After you muddle through all of the hows and whys of custom motorcycle designs, what is all boils down to is what floats your boat, nothing more and nothing less. I am sure you have seen a biker or two breaking that superstition rule of never painting your bike green, or one of those old school madmen running a chopper with ape-hangers and a suicide shift. Why do they do it? Because they want to and they can!The Diverse Design of Custom Motorcycles
The collective world of motorcyclists live a lifestyle based on freedom and expression, and what and how they ride is a pure extension of those beliefs, and when you think about it, it isn’t really all about what you ride, but how ride, and having that perfect custom chopper or lowrider to help you make your journey to where ever it is you are going just makes the ride that much sweeter!
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