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Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys; 2011 Sturgis Rally Motorcycle Accident Review
Last week we discussed some Sturgis motorcycle safety tips, yet no matter how hard you try there is no way to completely eliminate the potential for a motorcycle accident. Now let me point out that biker accidents occur at ALL major motorcycle rallies and not just Sturgis. This year’s rally was a blast but, sure enough, it included several serious accidents. Looking back, it is interesting to note a few of the accidents, as well as related Sturgis Rally motorcycle accident statistics and news:
While 2011 Sturgis injury motorcycle accidents were up, thankfully fatalities were down. A decrease in drug and alcohol-related offenses may have helped alleviate further problems.
A Missouri motorcycle rider was killed at Sturgis when he apparently lost control of his bike. No other vehicles were involved – high speed is noted as a causal factor in the accident, and lack of a helmet was listed as contributory to fatal injuries.
A Nebraska motorcycle rider was killed at Sturgis by a driver in a hit-&-run accident. The accused driver was reported to be driving dangerously prior to the accident.
Minnesota motorcycle accident fatalities are up 30% in 2011. Local authorities believe that high gas prices are behind a rise in novice riders on the roads, along with the increased traffic traveling through Minnesota towards the Sturgis Rally.
Patrols are being boosted in response to increased motorcycle accidents in Wyoming during the summer season and Sturgis Rally period.
The Sturgis Rally is an event by bikers and for bikers, but riders need to remember that motorcycle accidents are a reality at any large gathering of bikers, no matter how well-intentioned the participants. Have a good time, but always be prepared for an accident and be aware of what you need to do to ensure your legal rights are protected if you are injured in a motorcycle accident.
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