Gas Monkey Garage Restaurant Dallas TexasRichard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman have built up a massive following through their hit show “Fast N’ Loud” on the Discovery Channel. Their latest adventure is opening up the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill in Dallas, Tx., and they held an intimate gathering on Tuesday to introduce this new project to the public.
The restaurant is a multi-use facility with a top-notch menu designed by Chef David Hollister, a robust bar with 32 beers on tap with a long draw system, and a fantastic outdoor stage facility with state-of-the-art audio system.
Alex Mendonsa is the General Manager and he was brought in from the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas. “I finally understand what they mean by a ‘dry heat’ now,” said Mendonsa with a laugh.  He’s fantastically engaging and it shows that he takes pride in his work and providing a solid experience for the clientele.
Upon taking a tour of the restaurant, Mendonsa pointed out all the reclaimed materials that had been used in renovating the venue. “We pulled wood from an old barn at my wife’s family’s barn,” he shared. “The wood and metal in the VIP room are from an old chicken coop. We learned how to preserve the patina so that it should hold up for a long time.”
The Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill is located less than three miles from another very high profile motorcycle destination point and that being Rick Fairless’s Stroker’s Dallas. During the soft opening of the new venue, some of the patrons voiced less than savory comments that it wasn’t their type of venue and got on their bikes and headed on down the road.
The odd thing is that bikers should be the first to embrace diversity – some riders want Harley and some want Triumph. On that same note, some riders want to hang out with cheap beer and burgers and sometimes a change is nice with having the microbrewery options and a more upscale burger that is dressed with Dijon hollandaise and bourbon braised onions.
And on that note, the attention turns to the food prepared by Chef Hollister and his team in the kitchen. The chef was pulled in with a mere weeks’ notice and designed a truly stellar menu that will appeal to the Dallas clientele.
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Consider if you will some of the following that are featured on the menu:

  • Texas Sized Bock Battered Onion Rings with Pink Peppercorn Dill Ranch ($5.99)
  • Fire Roasted Tomato Ancho Soup ($3.99)
  • Avocado Caesar Salad with herbed croutons and smoked Gouda ($7.99)
  • Sliced Texas Brisket which has been smoked slow and low over the course of 15 hours ($11.99)
  • 3 Cheese Truffled Mac ($3.99)
  • El Jefe Burger with onion jam, pork rind fried jalapeno, house-cut bacon, and a fried quail egg ($12.99)
  • Grilled Banana Split ($5.99)

Richard Rawlings took an opportunity to sit down and spend a few minutes having lunch and talking about his non-stop world of action.
His day had begun very early by appearing on Good Morning Texas to critique the contestants on “Dancing with the Stars”. He shared that he hadn’t watched the show because it aired at the same time as his own show. He had also acquired two cars from an elderly gentleman that had finally decided he was ready to sell.
“What do guys like to do when being around bikes and cars? They like to listen to music, drink beer, and chase chicks,” said Rawlings when asked why he opened the new venue. “This has always been a dream of mine and we want to make it a true destination point for people that visit Dallas and provide great live music. More than 80% of the people that stop by our shop down the street are tourists; this will give them an additional venue to stop at and meet the crew. This restaurant will be featured on the show and, maybe, even spin off into its own series.”
The crew at Gas Monkey Garage has orders for shows stretching into 2016 and they are cautiously approaching the merchandising deals to ensure they don’t oversaturate the market.
Something suggests that the best is yet to come from the Gas Monkeys – so stay tuned!
Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill
10261 Technology Blvd E
Dallas TX 75220
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