BAM at ROT Rally 2012

Russ Brown Motorcycle Accident Attorneys: The ROT Rally hits the Austin, Texas streets this Thursday, June 7th and continues through Sunday, June 10th! As in years past, the ROT rally has some amazing attractions and events lined up for the thousands of  motorcyclists and their families who will be attending. This year, the 2012 ROT Rally is proud to welcome Jesse James to the rally. He will be judging the bikes in the ‘Ride in Bike Show’ and has even designed the trophy for the winner. On Saturday night, one lucky winner will receive a Military Bike from Jesse in the giveaway.
In addition to amazing vendors, stunt shows, concerts, and entertainers, the ROT Rally will hold its annual ROT Memorial Ride on Friday, June 8th. The ride honors lost loved ones who have served in this nation’s armed forces, law enforcement, and emergency services divisions. Over 30 miles of IH-35 will be closed down for the police-escorted motorcycle ride and is a must for all motorcycle riding enthusiasts.
Online registration to the rally costs just $70 for a complete 4 day pass to the event and the event is open to all motorcyclists, all types of bikes, and their families. As always, the event will be held at the Travis County Exposition Center in Austin, Texas and there is a tram for all families who drive a car and park in the remote South (auto) lot.
For all those motorcyclists who are riding from other cities and states, you can find lodging on the ROT website or you can stay at the many different campgrounds located throughout the county. In addition to camping, RVs are welcome within the rally grounds. There are spaces for over a thousand RVs but you need to make a reservation before you attend. There are also plenty of RV campsites located offsite.
If you are considering attending the 2012 ROT Rally in Austin, Texas, be sure to come by and check out BAM, our free roadside and legal assistance program. With over 1.5 million members, BAM continues to be the nation’s largest network of volunteer Bikers Helping Bikers®. As a member of BAM, you’ll receive assistance with emergency roadside motorcycle issues and immediate legal assistance if you are ever injured in a motorcycle accident. No matter where you ride, you can rest assured that you are backed by the nation’s top motorcycle accident attorneys.
To learn more about BAM you can call us toll-free at 1-800-4-BIKERS or check out the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® website today. We Ride—We Care—We Win.

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