washington dc rolling thunder motorcycle ride for freedomRuss Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Prince Harry lays wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia

Prince Harry is in the US and today on day 2 of his tour he stopped at the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. He laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns and one on the grave of an American soldier, who died in Afghanistan with a message that said “To my comrades-in-arms of the United States of America, who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of freedom.”
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
On March 4, 1921, Congress approved the burial of an unidentified American soldier from WWI in the plaza of the new amphitheater at Arlington Cemetery. On November 11, 1921, the unknown serviceman, who had been brought back from France, was laid to rest in the marble tomb.

In 1932, a sarcophagus was dedicated and installed at the head of the unknown soldier’s grave. To the west of this grave are the crypts of an unknown soldier from WWII and an unknown soldier from the Korean War, both laid to rest on May 30, 1958.

Between these two, lies a crypt that once held an unknown from Vietnam. In 1998, his remains were positively identified as First Lieutenant Michael Blassie and were removed.

The Tomb of the Unknowns is a simple white marble structure that holds powerful symbolic meaning. Three Greek figures adorn the east panel that faces Washington, D.C. They represent Peace, Victory and Valor. The north and south panels each bear three wreaths which represent the six major battles engaged in by American troops in France. The western panel of the sarcophagus bears the inscription, HERE RESTS IN HONORED GLORY AN AMERICAN SOLDIER KNOWN BUT TO GOD.

Every minute of every day since April 6, 1948, the Tomb of the Unknowns has been watched over by “The Old Guard”, sentinels from the Army’s 3rd Infantry Regiment. It is considered one of the highest honors to serve as a tomb guard. Less than twenty percent of volunteers are accepted and only a fraction of those will pass training.

Rolling Thunder® Inc Ride For Freedom 2013motorcycle lawyer news washington dc rolling thunder

Since their incorporation in 1995, Rolling Thunder, Inc. has operated by the watchwords, “We Will Not Forget.” They are an organization committed to bringing full accountability for the POW/MIAs of all wars, by increasing awareness of this issue to the government, the media and the public. One of their biggest public reminders is the annual Rolling Thunder Demonstration held in our nation’s capital.
Every year since 1988, the venue for the Rolling Thunder Demonstration has been Washington D.C. on Memorial Day weekend. This year, the Ride for Freedom will take place on Sunday, May 26. The ride will start in the Pentagon parking lot and end near the John Ericsson Memorial and will honor Sgt. Bowe R. Bergdahl who was captured by Taliban insurgents on June 30, 2009 and remains in captivity somewhere in Afghanistan to this day.
The Tomb of the Unknowns is one of the destinations for many of those who attend Rolling Thunder® Inc’s Ride for Freedom, all to pay their respects and to ‘Never Forget.’
For more information on Rolling Thunder® Inc Ride For Freedom 2013 Washington, DC head to https://www.rollingthunder1.org/

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