Tipping The Scales By Winning Cases For California Motorcycle Accident VictimsA friend of mine recently asked me why would i hire a motorcycle accident lawyer if i had witnesses, and the police report shows i was not at fault? Well for starters, it isn’t the court system you are fighting, i told him. Your motorcycle accident claim starts with the at fault party’s insurance company, and insurance companies are in the business of making money, not loosing money.

As a standard practice, almost all insurance companies are going to initially dispute your insurance claim. It isn’t because they want to go to court and let a jury decide the case and award a settlement, they do it to as a negotiation practice! While talking over some matters at the law office of Brown, Koro, & Romag, i had a chance to talk with motorcycle accident lawyer Chuck Koro. I asked him what was his funniest insurance claims adjuster story, and he pulled out this list of adjuster claims dispute retorts, and this was the one that stuck out in my mind.

Even though we admit fault and your client broke his hand and incurred more than $12,000 in medical bills after he was taken by ambulance to a hospital and still has residual complaints, and lost time from work, we are only offering $12,000 because that’s the way we start our negotiations.

I was laughing so hard, and i had to ask, "did they settle for more than $12,000.00?" Chuck said, "They had no choice, we had a solid case!" So i ventured a bit more. "So are most of your cases that easy?" "no, there are so many variables in every case, and even cases which seem to be open and shut can prove to be difficult once all of the facts are available."

I knew that to be very true. In 1992 i was hit by a drunk driver in Torrance, California. I had broken my wrist, and had a lot of bumps, lumps and bruises. The police came and arrested the driver, and i before i was even taken away in the ambulance i had called a friend and he got a lawyer he knew to meet me at the hospital. As it turned out the drunk driver was driving a company vehicle that had no insurance. The company quickly went out of business, and the only option i had was to seek compensation from my insurance company. It was a long tedious ordeal, but after about 9 months, my Attorney’s investigator was able to track down the owner of the company, and after some heated court appearances the owner agreed to take out a mortgage on his house and settled with my accident lawyer.

If i didn’t have a lawyer who knows what would have happened. i wasn’t able to go back to work for 11 weeks, and i didn’t get very much from workers compensation, and to top it off, i couldn’t even afford to get my bike fixed. Now i know that not every motorcycle accident case starts out like that, but without a lawyer who knows the law and how to use it to his clients benefit, the advantage is clearly on the side of the insurance company, because their legal team is paid to use the legal system to help their clients, the insurance company.

The law offices of  Brown, Koro, & Romag, LLP have been winning millions upon millions of dollars in claims for motorcycle accident victims since 1975. 

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