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When you think about it, being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault is bad enough, but having to fight an insurance company just recover damages from their at fault insured driver literally adds insult to injury, and when faced with large medical bills, a poor prognosis for recovery and mounting financial problems, the only remedy for a situation of this kind is hiring a tough and aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer.
Insurance companies don’t play fair when it comes to settling insurance injury claims against their insured drivers who are at fault in causing a motorcycle accident, they employ tough and shrewd legal defense teams and claims adjusters who use tricks and down right sneaky tactics to force a settlement on their terms and the only way to fight back is by hiring an equally tough and aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer who will use his experience and skill in personal injury law to turn the tables on these ruthless and uncaring defense lawyers and claims adjusters.
To the insurance company, a motorcycle accident victim is not a real person who has suffered pain and serious injury from their insured drivers negligence, but rather a dollar figure associated with their financial bottom line and they will fight to make you settle on their terms.
An aggressive, tough and experienced motorcycle accident lawyer has seen these tactics used by claims adjusters and insurance defense lawyers and has the skills necessary to not only overcome them but also use them against the insurance company, and when forced into having the case tried in court, the insurance company will not gamble on losing their case and become liable for a large cash settlement award from a judge or jury. They will always agree to settle on your motorcycle accident lawyers terms.
 Motorcycle Injury Lawyer
The most important aspect of your insurance injury claim are the evidence from the motorcycle accident; police and medical reports, witnesses, and accident investigation findings are what help your lawyer present your case in the most favorable light to the insurance company and their claims adjusters. If you have previously been injured in an accident you need to let your personal injury lawyer know, because should the insurance companies investigators find this information they will use it as a tool to dispute your claim and devalue the over all settlement amount.
You should never talk with claims adjusters and anyone associated with the at fault driver’s insurance company, and refuse to sign any papers they offer you. Firmly refer them to your motorcycle accident lawyer.

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