california motorcycle injury attorneysThere’s an enforcement push underway in several California counties regarding motorcycle safety, according to recent reports in both The Sun for San Bernardino County and The Press Democrat for Sonoma County. The reason for the heightened awareness is that California suffers the nation’s third-highest rate of motorcycle fatalities. Authorities in San Bernardino say that police will be looking for safety violations and patrolling areas known to be popular biker cruising hotspots where motorcycle accidents have been especially common.

Meanwhile in Sonoma County, Santa Rosa police have announced a parallel crackdown on traffic violations targeting motorcycle safety. A police spokesman noted that motorcycle accident deaths in California have increased dramatically in recent years, nearly doubling from more than 200 fatalities in 1998 to more than 550 deaths in 2008, the last year for which reliable statistics are available. Enforcement is up, yet motorcycle fatalities continue to rise.

Why has the number of fatal motorcycle accidents increased?

California motorcycle injury attorneys
believe that motorcycle-riding has become more dangerous for several reasons. First, with a rising population and tight economy, more people are riding motorcycles as a cost saving measure, particularly young or inexperienced riders. This puts more motorcycles on the road, ridden by more at-risk riders, especially during busy commuting hours, or at night when roadways are more hazardous due to reduced visibility.

Even though California motorcycle injury lawyers have long worked to educate the public regarding the awareness of motorcycles, sharing the road with motorcycles, and other crucial safety issues, there is still more work to be done.

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