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Los Angeles, CA Motorcycle Lawyers: Even Amidst Tragedy, this Year’s Love Ride is a Success
This year about 18,000 motorcyclists were expected to attend the Love Ride in California and raise nearly $1.7 million dollars for charity. Even though the numbers were down the event still raised thousands of dollars for autism research. Motorcyclists from across California took part in the ride from Glendale to Castaic Lake. Yet, this year’s Love Ride was markedly different from the others—and 2 motorcyclists were killed. In the 28 years of the Love Ride, no one has ever been killed in a traffic accident. Sadly, this year was the first.
Around 10:24 a.m., the first of a few accidents occurred when two motorcyclists collided on the Northbound 5 Freeway. These two motorcyclists were taken to a local hospital and were doing well at last report. Sadly, it may have been debris from this accident which caused the fatal California motorcycle accident an hour later.
A male motorcyclist and his passenger died after hitting a big rig truck on the northbound Golden State Freeway during this year’s annual Love Ride. According to authorities, the couple was splitting traffic on the 3 and 4 lanes when they got tangled by the big rig and run over. This was the first fatality in the 28 year history of the Love Ride.
Charity events and rides are a wonderful way to give back to the community and help others in need. Yet even during charity rides and events, motorcyclists need to ride carefully and use extra caution. Group riding can be tricky, especially for novice motorcyclists. If you are considering riding in a motorcycle charity ride or benefit, consider these group riding tips:

  • Follow the 2-3 Second Rule: You need to allow adequate time to maneuver around roadway obstacles and debris, yet you never want to lose the pack. Following closely behind your fellow riders, but leaving enough room to maneuver is an important riding skill to master.
  • Pass on the Left Only: While not all riding groups adhere to this, it is a good rule to follow. Passing on the left leaves the right lane or shoulder of the road free for motorcyclists to use in the event of an emergency.
  • Never Pass the Leader: The leader of the ride usually knows the route well, including any road obstacles or sudden turns.
  • Use Hand Signals: Hand signals are always good to use and can help other motorcyclists and other vehicles recognize you on the roadway.
  • Always Wear Appropriate Gear: Simple but effective; helmets and safety gear are always a must on any ride, including charity rides and benefit runs.

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