Texas motorcycle accident attorneysFatal weekend for bikers in Texas; Texas Motorcycle Accident Attorneys
Two Texas motorcyclists died in Richardson, TX motorcycles accidents on the same weekend. These unrelated fatal bike crashes happened to occur on the same highway.
In the early hours of September 18, a Texas motorcycle accident on North Central Expressway claimed the life of a 42-year old female passenger riding on a motorcycle driven by her husband. Although her 41-year old husband survived the motorcycle crash, his left leg was severed. According to The Dallas Morning News, a white pick-up truck stopped on the highway between Renner Road and the Bush Turnpike for unknown reasons. This forced a car behind the truck to stop also. The motorcycle accident victims were apparently unable to avoid the stopped vehicles and as a result, their bike crashed into the car. The driver of the pick-up truck fled the motorcycle accident scene and authorities are looking for him.
Early in the morning on September 19, a 38-year old Texas motorcyclist was killed in a motorcycle rear-end collision on North Central Expressway near Walnut Hill Lane. An article in The Dallas Morning News reports that a car in front of the biker had switched lanes to avoid another stopped in the right lane. The motorcyclist was reportedly speeding when he rear-ended the car, causing his bike to crash through the car’s rear window. The article did not indicate whether the driver of the car suffered injuries in the accident.
Texas authorities have yet to determine the specific causes of these tragic motorcycle accidents. However, bikers can take safety measures to avoid rear-ending another vehicle. One key thing is to keep a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you. This allows you more time to brake or safely move out of the way if a vehicle ahead of you stops suddenly.
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