russ brown motorcycle lawyer washington dcMilitary Appreciation Month & Rolling Thunder®, Inc Ride For Freedom.

May is Military Appreciation Month and we can’t think of a better way to spend it than by attending this year’s Rolling Thunder®, Inc’s Ride for Freedom in Washington D.C. Rolling Thunder®, Inc events will begin Friday, May 24th with a Candlelight Vigil at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and then conclude on Sunday, May 26th with the Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom from the Pentagon to Washington D.C and a musical tribute to our nation’s veterans.

National Military Appreciation Month began as a way to show our appreciation for the men and women who make up our armed services. It is also a wonderful way to recognize our armed service history and allows Americans the opportunity to educate the next generation on the historical impact our military has had on our country. Through participation in the community, fun events, and educational programs, National Military Appreciation Month recognizes all those on active duty in all branches of the services, as well thousands of veterans and their families.         

National Military Appreciation Month History

The first legislation that was enacted for National Military Appreciation Month was in 1999 when the U.S. Senate designated May as National Military Appreciation Month. This came with the support and sponsorship of Senator John McCain and Representative Duncan Hunter. In April 2004, both Houses of Congress passed comprehensive legislation that May was National Military Appreciation Month and urged the President to issue an annual proclamation. This called for the American people to recognize the armed forces through ceremonies and events throughout the month of May.

Rolling Thunder®, Inc and POW/MIA’s

While the rest of the country celebrates Memorial Day and honors our veterans and armed service men and women, Rolling Thunder®, Inc will be riding in honor of the POW/MIA’s that are still unaccounted for—most specifically, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Sgt. Bergdahl has been a Prisoner of War since 2009 when he was captured by the Taliban. He is believed to be held somewhere in Pakistan and is being held until the U.S. releases 21 Afghan prisoners and Aafia Siddiqui. The Haqqani network, an insurgent group affiliated with the Taliban has threatened to execute Bergdahl if Siddiqui is not released.

Rolling Thunder®, Inc welcomes all supporters – whether you ride a motorcycle or not. If you have never attended Rolling Thunder®, Inc Ride for Freedom, as a rider, as a passenger or as a spectator, you are missing a truly touching event.

To learn more about Rolling Thunder®, Inc and to find out how you can support an incredible non-profit organization head to

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