Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, May is officially Motorcycle Awareness Month. Most states recognize this as a great month to remind other drivers to watch out for motorcyclists on the roadway. There are more than 7 million registered motorcycles in the United States and the warmer summer months mean that many of them will be hitting America’s roadways in search of some sun and fun. By reminding other drivers to become more aware of motorcyclists on the roads, the NHTSA hopes to help decrease the number of serious and fatal motorcycle accidents across the country.
Motorcycle Awareness Month is also supposed to remind us motorcyclists to take the safety precautions we need to prevent serious motorcycle accidents from occurring. You know the saying  – the best defense is a good offense. So what can you do to help prevent a serious motorcycle accident?

  • Take a Safety Course: All motorcyclists are encouraged to take a motorcyclist safety program in their area in order to brush up on their safety skills. In California, the California Motorcyclist Safety Program has trained over 800,000 motorcycle riders alone and expects to train an additional 65,000 motorcyclists this year.
  • Watch Blind Spots: In addition to taking a safety riding course, motorcyclists should be careful not to ride in other motorists’ blind spots—especially large trucks.
  • Avoid Lane Splitting: If lane splitting is permitted in your state, remember that other motorists may not expect you to be riding in between the lanes. If you do choose to ride in between the lanes, do so cautiously and carefully.
  • Use Extra Caution at Intersections: The majority of motorcycle accidents occur at intersections when other drivers fail to notice oncoming motorcyclists. When riding through an intersection, use extra caution and reduce your speed if possible. Use your headlights even in the daytime to improve your visibility and let others know of your presence.

Have a great riding season and let’s ensure 2012 is the best for us motorcyclists yet!
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®
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