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It seems that the question “when should I call a motorcycle accident lawyer” is highly popular on the internet, and while some of the answers vary, for the most part the consensus is as soon as possible. Your first concern after being involved in a motorcycle accident should always be your health and even if you don’t think you have been seriously injured you should still seek medical attention to make sure you are not suffering from a concussion or an internal injury. It could take as long as a few days for symptoms to appear and without treatment could be deadly.
As soon as your medical condition is stable you or a loved one should consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer at once. There is a lot of important evidence that needs to be gathered, such as the police accident report, pictures or other physical evidence and witness lists, as well as medical reports on your present condition and the doctors prognosis for your recovery.
Once your motorcycle accident lawyer has gathered and studied all of the evidence he will begin building the facts of your case to be presented to the insurance company of the at fault driver. Your lawyer will present your case in a manner that favors you should a trial be necessary and when faced with evidence that proves their insured driver was at fault, many times the insurance company will opt to settle on your lawyers terms rather than risk a trial.
Part of the demands in your insurance claim involves your injuries and the doctor’s prognosis for your recovery. It is important to let your motorcycle accident lawyer know if you have had a previous injury or have been injured in a previous motorcycle accident. The insurance companies claims adjuster could use that information to devalue or totally deny your claim and make it harder for your lawyer to secure fair and reasonable settlement for you.
If you don’t know any lawyers in your area, you can easily get a list of experienced and skilled lawyers by calling your local Barristers Association, they can give you a list of several qualified and experienced personal injury lawyers in your area. Once you have your list you can start calling them to get set up a consultation. Make sure you ask plenty of questions on how the lawyer will pursue your case and how they will prove the other party’s fault. When you have found a lawyer you are comfortable with make sure you refer all correspondence with the insurance company and their claims adjusters to your lawyer.
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