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Why do you ride what you ride? Do tell! I hate it when I’m told I’m supposed to love something and I don’t. Marketing, PR, husbands, girlfriends and external advice about what is supposed to be the perfect motorcycle, the best riding jacket or even the top sunscreen – it’s always coming at us. I like the “real deal” review – Actually hearing from those that actually have touched, ridden or used a product and what it is they like or dislike about it –  their real thoughts.
Today it’s so cool to have so many motorcycle options available for women riders.
A lot of us have come into motorcycling with bikes being handed down from others or passed on from someone we know who rides. Aside from that there are many women who go out and purchase exactly what they want. But how do they know that’s the make and model they want? Did the rent one or did they attend a rider demo? Sure would be a buzzkill to be so excited about getting a new ride only to find out it gives you a backache when you ride or you don’t feel comfortable on it.
I wanna hear why you picked your ride?
What you really love about your bike and why did you choose it over so many others out there to choose from?
Is there a thing or two you would like better about your bike or would modify?
Would you recommend it to other women and if so at what skill level?
Is there another bike you got your eye on or is what you have a lifer?
Give us your input and post on the blog about your bike.
Ride ON!
Brenda Fox

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