Why Would Anyone Need A New York Personal Injury AttorneyOk so you’re been injured in a motorcycle accident while coming home from a New York Mets game; it wasn’t a big accident and except for some damage to your motorcycle you think it isn’t a big deal. You exchange insurance with the other party and cruise home. The next day your neck and back are stiff and you can’t hardly get out of bed, and to top it off your motorcycle won’t start! So do you just foot the bill yourself to see a doctor and have your motorcycle fixed? You shouldn’t do that and here is why:

New York’s no-fault insurance offers easy payments for expenses. This covers expenses like medical care and protects one against pain and suffering lawsuits in motorcycle accidents with minor injuries. No-fault means each person’s own insurance company pays.
Many people are so concerned about their insurance premiums going up if they file an injury claim that they are almost willing to pay for medical costs and getting their motorcycle fixed rather than take a chance of getting hit with a insurance rate increase!
SO you were seriously hurt in motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault? Who is going to come up with money to cover medical bills, take care of your financial needs until you get back to work, and where are you going to get the money to get your bike fixed?

Get a top motorcycle accident attorney!

Don’t deal with the insurance company alone. It is well worth 5 minutes of your time to pick up a phone and call a motorcycle accident lawyer in your area who can offer some simple advise or even set up a free consultation so your accident can be examined by a lawyer who knows the New York personal injury laws. A top New York Biker attorney will know the value of your case.
However, if you or your motorcycle passengers injury is moderate to severe then an attorney is usually necessary because the average person doesn’t know how to properly evaluate their claim and needs help to achieve the best result. On the other hand the insurance company knows everything. A motorcycle accident attorney can level the playing field.
The following items should be considered in determining case value.

  1. Damage to motorcycle and gear.
  2. Payment of current and future medical bills.
  3. Payment of all lost of wages, including overtime, and other benefits plus consideration of future loss of earnings.
  4. Pain and suffering. It takes years of experience to determine a fair amount a fair amount for pain and suffering. This is the area where a biker attorneys is needed.
  5. A lot cannot be determined until we know the answers to the above questions – example – we won’t know exactly how much to get for being off work until it is determined how and when that would be.

Only talk to your New York Motorcycle Attorney – there is no need for you to be speaking to the insurance company of the other side.
Almost every motorcycle accident claim is more complex than the average automobile accident, and that is another important reason you should have an experienced motorcycle accident attorney representing you. Call 1-800-4-BIKERS to speak with an experienced New York personal injury attorney who knows the laws in your state, and who knows and understands the complex dynamics of motorcycle accidents and injuries!