Rolling Thunder®Inc Ride For Freedom XXVII May 25th 2014 Washington DC

It’s time to start planning for the Rolling Thunder XXVII ‘Ride for Freedom’. This year’s demonstration ride takes place on May 25, 2014 in Washington, D.C. Rolling Thunder continues to be a strong advocate for our nation’s military, past and present. They live each day with the motto:” We Will Never Forget”.

If you have never been to Rolling Thunder® Inc ‘Ride for Freedom’, this is the perfect year to attend. Join more than a half million bikers in the nation’s capital. They’ll be met by thousands along the route that stretches from the Potomac River to around the Lincoln Memorial. Veterans of numerous wars will ride alongside civilians who have never even seen combat. Yet together they will continue to raise awareness for the MIAs and POWs still left behind—including Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl who is still being held by the Taliban.

You don’t have to be a member of Rolling Thunder® Inc or a veteran to ride. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. Even if you don’t own a motorcycle, come on out and line the streets to show your support. The best viewing spots are along the Arlington Memorial Bridge and along Constitution Avenue.

Rolling Thunder® Inc Ride For Freedom – More than Just a Ride

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Yet Rolling Thunder® Inc does more than just ride for freedom. They are actively working towards legislation for our armed forces and our veterans. Rolling Thunder® Inc has kept the heat on Congress to enact laws that protect our nation’s troops and those that are still POW/MIA’s. There is currently one POW still being held in captivity from the War in Afghanistan by Taliban forces—Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. In addition, there are still thousands of MIA from previous wars, most of which were killed in action, but need to be brought home. Some reports estimate more than 88,000 Americans (WWII, Korean and Vietnam) are still Missing in Action.

Rolling Thunder® Inc has also advocated and or co-authored legislation to improve POW/MIA issues and veteran benefits. Some of their most recent legislation includes:

·       House Resolution 231: to establish a Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs to conduct a full investigation into the POW/MIAs unaccounted for from the Iraqi War, Afghanistan, Gulf War, Vietnam War, Korean War, Cold War, and WWII.
·       Veterans Housing Opportunity & Benefits Improvement Act S-1235 passed June 15, 2006 Public Law 109-233: Legislation to provide adaptive housing assistance to disabled veterans.

·       Respect for Fallen Heroes Act House Resolution 5037 was passed March 26,  2006 Public Law 109-228: to prohibit certain types of demonstrations at cemeteries under the control of the National Cemetery Administration at Arlington National Cemetery.

Their goal is to educate the public and pressure Congress to correct the mistakes of the past and never leave a man behind. It is their hope that through education and legislation, our sons and daughters will not be left behind should they become prisoners of war or missing in action.

This Memorial Day, you can participate and pay tribute to the many men and women who have fought—and are still fighting for our freedom. From WWII to the War in Afghanistan, these brave soldiers deserve our respect and our honor. There is no better reason to ride—than to ride for freedom.

To see how you can support Rolling Thunder®Inc head to the Rolling Thunder National website.

We hope to see many of you in DC in May.

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® are full supporters of Rolling Thunder® Inc and of our troops.  To show your support get our free Rolling Thunder® Inc sticker, put it on your bike or car and roll into DC for Memorial Day.

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