Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Motorcycle Only Checkpoints

There may be light at the end of the tunnel for bikers that are fed up with “motorcycle only” checkpoints.
A recent bill passed in the Senate Transportation Committee is looking to make motorcycle only checkpoints a thing of the past. The bill, sponsored by Senator Jeff Van Drew and Glen Norcross, responds to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recent funding of “motorcycle only” checkpoints that require riders to present paperwork and allow authorities to check their equipment. New Hampshire, Washington and North Carolina have already responded in a like manner, enacting their own legislation to prevent these focused inspections.
“Stopping a driver based on the vehicle they are driving is unfair to motorists, plain and simple.  Banning these discriminatory checkpoints will ensure that those traveling our roadways are not targeted by law enforcement simply because they are operating a motorcycle” said Senator Van Drew. The two senators set out to achieve equality when it comes to roadside checkpoints, strictly because they are against the NHTSA’s discrimination towards motorcyclists. “Motorcyclists should not be singled out at a checkpoint merely because they are driving a certain kind of vehicle,” said Senator Norcross. “This bill will ensure that our motor vehicle rules are carried out in an even-handed manner and that drivers are treated fairly under our laws.”
Daytona Bike Week and Rolling Thunder are just two events that have been affected by states that have actively checked bikers as they make their ways to these annual big events. Georgia operated multiple motorcycle checkpoints with NHSTA funding interrupting thousands of riders making the trek to Florida for bike week in Daytona Beach. Virginia did the same thing as many riders were heading to one of the biggest rallies, Rolling Thunder, this past Memorial Day weekend.
The legislation has passed in the Senate Transportation Committee by a count of 4-0, and now heads to the full Senate for full ratification. If the bill passes, the checkpoints will be eradicated and vehicular discrimination terminated. Senators Van Drew and Norcross are hoping for the best as the bill heads to the full senate.

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