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Nevada, known for Vegas, casinos and the Hoover Dam, may soon also be known as the second state in America that allows lane-splitting for motorcyclists and, the first to fully legalize it.  Nevada bill AB236 passed the Assembly vote on April 19th, and now moves onto the state Senate for approval. Even though it passed the Assembly vote in an overwhelming fashion, the bill has nevertheless created a polarizing effect within the legislature and in the public, as people debate the positives and negatives of lane-splitting.
The bill itself seems to take much of its structure from the already existing guidelines used in the state of California. The major points of the bill consist of:
Mopeds would not be allowed to lane-split;
Instead of requiring a person who was lane-splitting to drive in a cautious and prudent manner, the person should drive in a manner that is reasonable and proper; with due regard for the traffic, surface and width of the highway, the weather and other highway conditions.
Riders must not travel 10 mph faster than surrounding traffic;
Riders must not exceed 30 mph while splitting.
The bill will take effect on January 1st, 2014, as opposed to the original date of October 1st of this year.
Safety is logically the main concern of the differing opinions on the practice. I’ll advised 4 wheeled vehicle drivers can create dangerous situations for motorcyclists and need to be aware of the practice and when they might expect to see it happening. Bikers themselves need to realize when to lane-split based upon the surroundings and conditions—for example; staying away from the practice around large vehicles, toll booths, at high rates of speed etc.
Some politicians like Republican Assemblyman from Las Vegas, Paul Anderson don’t agree with it, stating “overall it becomes a pretty dangerous situation, we’re not known for having the safest streets anyways, and adding traffic between the lanes just adds to the hazards”. Countering this position is motorcyclist Rick Eckhardt of Reno who is steadfast in his belief that lane splitting should be legalized. “I’m hoping we will be a model for a very conservative bill that works correctly that will save lives and hopefully ours will be a model for the rest of the country,” he said.
Either way, the bill is heading to the state Senate for approval and lane splitting could well be a reality very soon in the Silver State.

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