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Cold weather can quickly dampen the joy of heading out for a motorcycle ride and I’ll be the first to admit, I am a cold weather wimp. Yes that’s right; below 50 degrees to me is practically Arctic. If a cold wind is blowing, no winter wonderland motorcycle riding for me as I hear from many of my fellow women riders.
Innovation and technology of today’s times has really come far and the development of heated clothing has been a Godsend in extending the riding season and comfort for motorcyclists. Firstgear has built a long-standing reputation with good quality functional ride gear, offering all-weather apparel including heated gear.
A very popular selection is the heated liner that offers temperature adjustments, working in conjunction with Firstgear’s Heat-Troller units. Always one to ask “heated questions”, I wondered, just how easy is the heated liner to install? What I found was, the installation process is very simple. Each piece of the company’s heated apparel must be used in conjunction with their Heat-Troller (for precision control of temperature). The Heat-Troller kits all contain a ‘pig tail’ harness that connects directly to the bikes battery. The coax connector end features a weatherproof plug to protect the connector from the elements when not plugged into the heated gear. The company also purveyed several components that can plug into this same connector, allowing the use of most battery tenders (SAE plug) as well as a USB charger for charging smart phones, tablets and GPS.) This makes it simple to use one hook-up the battery for multiple uses and can be tucked out of the way (under the saddle usually) when not used or needed.
Next I looked into the Single or Dual Heat-Troller and thought about the benefits of choosing one over the other. For riders that want to run a full set-up (jacket liner, pant liner, gloves and socks) then the Dual Heat-Troller is just the ticket, providing precise control over two ‘zones’. Many folks like to be able to dial up the heat for their upper body (jacket liner) and dial it down on the lower body (pants), as legs are often being behind a fairing or closer to the motor. Other folks may want to dial up more heat to their hands and less to the jacket. With the ability to control different ‘zones’ a rider can tailor a system for the particular body needs or riding conditions.
Another variation is sometimes a motorcycle’s electrical system may limit the amount of available electrical output thus limiting the amount of heated gear they can run. Most motorcycle riders will choose the heated liner jacket as it naturally warms the torso (heart, lungs, etc.) and thus really is the most important part of the body to stay warm. Because of that Firstgear offers 2 outputs in the liner jacket: 65 watt and 90 watt. In almost every instance the 65 watt version provides plenty of heat, but some body types and some weather conditions may dictate moving up to the 90 watt version. But again, the primary consideration there is to know what the particular bike’s available electrical output is. The Dual Heat-Troller includes everything you need to run two ‘zones’ of temperature control via a remote controlled unit that can be put anywhere -in a pocket, tank bag, even attach via the included velcro patch to the bike itself. It may also be used for just one ‘zone’ too.
It charges me up to find products with top of the line technology that offer riders more comfort on our scoots.
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