“Summer has come and gone … How are you rollin’ into a new season?”
Where did it go? Seems like it was only yesterday I was looking forward to hot summer days and evenings to ride. I hate to admit how true it is, the older you get the more time accelerates. The days are getting shorter and soon I’ll be sniveling about weather that is colder than I like to deal with. With autumn and winter closing out the 2012 year, it still hits me hard how fast it’s approaching. The changing of the guard from warm to cold weather, ushers in warmer riding protective gear, rain gear when needed (hopefully not often) and for a lot of you, incremental weather that can hold you back from getting out on two wheels. I get an inner sense of urgency to get out when the weather is good, along with a deep sense of appreciation that where I live we have great riding weather throughout the year.


Women rider Maxine Downing, who resides in Birmingham, Alabama, shares, “for winter I switch over to my fully lined touring jacket (until I find the ultimate smoking hot leather one) and forgo the jeans for leggins and lined riding pants. I will likely get started a little later in the day to allow the sun to warm the air. She mentions – “Riding is therapy because of the total focus of being on the bike, the wind in my face and the happy place I go in my mind, the singing out loud at the top of my lungs, that’s the therapy. No worries. Not even music piped in my ears… just me.”
To those that haven’t had the chance to ride your own motorcycle, she offers encouraging words. “If riding is something you ever thought you wanted to do, do it now. If not now, then when? The time will pass anyway. Don’t we all have enough regrets?”

Motor Officer Michelle!

Riding a bike for a living is amazing women rider Police Motor Officer Michelle from Orlando Florida. She mentions “In Central Florida we won’t see too much of a weather change until November. As the end of the year is near many riders will not be able to ride. I am very blessed that I can ride year round for work and on my personal bike. I am looking forward to the change in temperature. Nothing really changes too much at work other than putting on long sleeves and maybe a jacket. And if it’s really cold – Under Armor top to bottom, leather jacket and gloves, although I don’t really like to wear them. On the BMW I have heated grips and a seat, which is nice but rarely used.”
No surprise when she’s not working she headed out on a road trip. Love that. She told me, “Near the end of September I am riding up to the North Carolina, Tennessee area and looking forward to riding the Dragon. This will be my furthest ride so far. Besides my solo ride to the Florida Keys on my Softail Deluxe. I was somewhat apprehensive to ride that far alone, but I decided that I was a trained professional and it would be a great adventure.”
However you gear up for the upcoming months or wherever the road may take you for the rest of the year … the one thing I know for sure is, we are the lucky ones who choose to live and ride free.
Make life an epic adventure.
Ride ON!

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