Ashley Bleadorn

Russ Brown Injury Attorneys: I love getting to meet so many awesome women motorcyclists. Today we have Preschool Teacher Ashley upgrading the pavement! Let’s meet her…
Name: Ashley Bleadorn
Location: Alpine, CA (outside San Diego)
Occupation: Preschool Teacher! I teach 3 and 4 year old kiddos.
Currently rides: As of 4:30 pm on 5/4/12, I ride a 2011 Heritage Softail Classic!! I just bought myself a new motorcycle J but, before that my first motorcycle was a 2009 Sportster 1200 Custom and I put 10,000 miles on it in 9 months.
When did you start riding and what got you involved in motorcycles?
I started riding almost exactly one year ago. I got my license at the end of May 2011, started riding my own bike, and never stopped. Whenever anybody asks me how I started riding or how I got involved I always tell them that “I was born to ride”. My dad rode a motorcycle for a long time before I was born, so it’s in my blood. But, really, I got into Harley’s when my husband’s parents started getting into them a few years back. Last year my husband and his Dad rode to Sturgis 2011 on Harley’s and I started to ride on the back of my husband’s before they left. Well, soon riding on the back was just not enough for me and I needed to fulfill the rider inside of me. So, I took the Rider’s Edge Course and here I am today!
How has riding motorcycles impacted your life?
Riding has changed everything for me! Riding fulfills me and besides being super fun, it’s a challenge. But, the biggest way it has impacted me is through the friendships I’ve made. I have made so many wonderful friendships because of riding and I can’t be more thankful for it.
What has been your biggest challenge with riding?
Ugh…U-turns. U-turns for me used to be really hard (sometimes I still cringe at the thought of them…). When I took the Rider’s Edge Class I completely failed the Figure-8 box. Failed it! After that I vowed to never do another U-turn again. Well, that didn’t last long…soon after getting my license I went riding with a bunch of my friends and sure enough, we had to do a U-turn. Well, I flailed through the u-turn, got my bike around poorly and finished the ride. However, after that particular ride, I went straight to an empty parking lot and practiced U-turns until I was blue in the face. It took me 5 minutes to nail right hand U-turns, 5 minutes to nail left hand U-turns, and the last 5 minutes were just celebratory circles in front of the boys who were watching me. I don’t mind U-turns any more.
What do you like most about your model motorcycle?
The leather and the studs…that’s right, you heard me.
What modifications have you made?
I only made a few cosmetic modifications to my Sportster. I put a new Mustang solo seat on it, braids on the levers, custom grips and pegs, custom Arlen Ness Mirrors, and a tinted Memphis Shade’s windshield. If I had kept my Sportster I would have put 12 inch ape hanger handlebars and new pipes on it. As far as my Heritage goes, there are no modifications on it yet. Oh, but don’t worry, I’m working on it…
When you’re not riding motorcycles what are your other interests?
I have a lot of different interests. My husband and I are huge outdoor people. We hike/ backpack, camp, rock climb, and ski/snowboard. I am also an artist (I love painting the most) and a gym rat…I love to workout.
What advice do you have for other women riders?
For the women who ride currently…KEEP GOING! For the women who want to ride and are afraid…don’t let fear dictate your life. You will miss out on so many wonderful opportunities if you never take a risk. Riding will change your life for the better. GO FOR IT!
How tall are you? 5’5”
What is the seat height of your bike? Approximately 27”.
What is your weather like year round? San Diego is sunny and warm all year round!
How is riding therapy for you?
Oh man…riding is…the best. It’s a stress reliever for me. When I ride I’m just concentrating on the road or I’m in a zone where I’m not thinking about all of the stress of the day or what I have to do tomorrow. I’m just rollin’ down the road and having fun! I am honored to be featured. I hope that I can help inspire women everywhere to ride with this article and give back a little bit of what riding has given me.”

What I see in Ashley is her passion and joy of riding expressed in her words, but felt in many of us. Damn we are lucky to live in a moto world!
Ride ON!
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