SYM’s Wolf Classic

Motorcycle Lawyer Russ Brown:The number of women motorcyclists has been steadily increasing over the recent years and niche motorcycle makers have begun to take notice. Over the years there has been a 45% increase in women motorcyclists, lending towards a number of niche motorcycle makers developing low-to-the-ground motorcycle models, that are lighter weight that some of the mainstream bikes and with a lower price point that makes them perfect for the entry level rider.
Niche Motorcycle manufacturer SYM noticed that 80% of its Wolf Classic sales were attributed to women motorcyclists and Cleveland Cyclewerks in Ohio realized that 30% of its Tha Heist buyers were women. This high demand from women motorcyclists has surprised the manufacturers, but it makes perfect sense. Both of these bikes get 70 miles to the gallon, are easy to control, and are lightweight. Plus the price tag is just right at under $4000 for a motorcycle.
Popular Brands in the Niche Motorcycle include:
·         SYM’s Wolf Classic – a throwback to the vintage 70’s Hondas and starting at just $2999.

California Scooter Company

·         California Scooter Co’s 150 cc Motorcycle – at just $3695, this motorcycle is similar to the vintage Indian and comes in cool colors.

Cleveland CycleWerks Tha Heist

·         Cleveland CycleWerks Tha Heist – similar to the Spartan bobbers of the 50’s this bike has precision cut parts and looks customized.
Women motorcyclists have a great future to look forward to and as a result, we should expect to see some expanding areas in the motorcycle community over the upcoming years as more manufacturers and companies begin to address their needs.

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