Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Classic biker styling with River Roads Women’s Twin Buckle Engineer Boots.

The classic styling of River Road Women’s Twin Buckle Engineer boots has long been a staple in the world of two wheels.
With my ongoing “sole” mission of finding good riding boots to step forward in, these are the first pair of River Road motorcycle riding boots I’ve seen up close and personal. I’m looking forward to testing out all the River Road women’s styles and giving you a gear shifting report that will hopefully help you in deciding what may work best for you.
The Twin Buckle Engineer is a timeless style that will crossover and meet your needs of riding and blend nicely into the daily life for those of us that embrace, live and breathe the motorcycle lifestyle.
My first impression putting the boot on is it feels durable and sturdy, as if it’s going to hold up well. It features a 7 ½” upper calf designed crafted with a high quality full grain oiled leather. The heel is a 1 5/8″ threaded heel, which seems just enough for a stable balance when riding. The rubber outsole is an oil resistant rubber and feels pretty heavy duty giving a confident feel it will stand the test of time well. The insole is breathable and padded, which is a must for comfort. I find the sizing a bit more generous in comparison to other motorcycle riding specific boots on the market. River Road ladies boots are designated with a “w” after the size to designate it being a women’s specific footwear, not as a reference to a wider width which they do not offer. I’m always fond of companies that stand behind their products and I’m please to mention, River Road boots come with a 1-year warranty.
As I test them riding and shifting, they work well, they feel stable when putting your foot down at a stop. I would also recommend these for ladies who ride as passenger. Time and time again, I see these beautiful gals wearing fashion boots while riding pillion and I always get concerned about their safety.
Whether you’re riding your own motorcycle or riding on enjoying the scenery riding as a passenger, the River Road Women’s Twin Buckle Engineer Boot is a great option that I highly recommend.
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