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Brenda Fox

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: What does riding mean to you?

Okay ladies – give me your input! (Men you know I love you♥, but this is a “Moto mama inquiry”…)
How would you answer this: What does being a woman motorcyclist mean to you?
I never think about these things and kind of get thrown back pondering how to answer. I literally grew up on a gas tank. One of the fondest childhood memories I have of my dad, was riding on the gas tank of one of his race bikes.
Although he never taught me how to ride, my association with motorcycles at an early age was quite different than most kids. Bikes have been a comfortable place for me my whole life and I consider this a gift to share with other women in motorcycling. Ever since I could remember, my dad’s energy was the most calm and comfortable to be around whenever he was tinkering in the garage or racing his bikes. This was the polar opposite of how my home life was at other times. If I had been” good”, I was allowed to go to the motorcycle races on Sunday and if I had done anything “bad”, I had to go to church on Sunday. Needless to say, my childhood conditioning has been that motorcycles are good. It’s part of my DNA.
I was such a tomboy; I never gave much thought to gender until I was older and noticed others who treated me different. It was confusing to be an outcast and looked at with limitations because I was a female. Sadly, the same thing happened when I was modeling, this time from other women in the form of competition.
Fast forward to today and to my answer to “What does being a women motorcyclist mean to you”? It means to me, I AM blessed. I have a full throttle outlet to experience life on two wheels, to live an adventure that some women would never understand, yet more and more women today will.
I have the connection with other motorcyclists which bypasses gender and connects us at our love of the open road.
I was also asked if “I am inspired when I see other women getting on a bike and what other women inspire me?”
Well hell yeah to the first part of that question!
I Love seeing women throwing a leg over a ride and getting out and on two wheels. I don’t care what kind of bike, women riders make me happy! Along with the rise in numbers of women riding today, there are increasing groups, clubs and organizations filled with so many interesting ladies. Mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and women from all walks of like can be round at motorcycle gatherings and events.
Which leads is to the second half of that question “what women inspire me?”
That part deserves its own article, but the short answer is just about ALL of them. I’m a pusher for women to be out riding and EVERY rider has a story. I love to hear the challenges they have overcome and what got them rolling. I am very inspired by women who take it upon themselves to learn to ride.
Ladies with no prior experience or moto background just the interest, desire and guts they take action, enroll in a motorcycle safety course and learn to ride. These women are beautiful and a wonderful representation of courage and strength.
So, what does being a women motorcyclist mean to you? And are there any inspiring stories out there that have not been told? Share them with us! We would love to write a few up and honor those women who are inspiring to others.
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® will be ‘Celebrating Women of Motorcycling’ this summer in Sturgis during the rally and we would love to feature some of your stories.