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Brenda Fox

It’s a fact—more women are becoming motorcyclists than ever before. In fact, nearly 1 in 10 motorcycle owners is a woman and there are more than 4 million women riders! If you are a woman and considering purchasing your first bike, it is important to know what type of bike would fit your lifestyle the best.
Before you first walk into a motorcycle dealership, however, it is important to know the answers to a few questions ahead of time. Knowing this information will help you choose the bike that is best for you. Consider these important questions:
• What type of riding will you be doing predominantly? Will you be going on long tours, off-road riding, or using your bike for daily highway commuting?
• What type of maintenance are you willing to do on a bike? Are you looking for a bike that needs some work or would a newer bike fit your lifestyle better?
• Are you a new rider or an experienced rider?
• How much money are you willing to spend on you bike and on the accessories you need to ride it safely?
Once you know the answers to those questions, you are ready to hit the dealership. When your dealer begins to show you bikes, be sure to ask him:
• If there are other bikes in his showroom that would fit your needs?
• What features make this bike better than the others in its class?
• How easy is this bike to maintain?
• Are there accessories available for this bike? What are they?
• Are there any used motorcycles that would be a good fit for me?
Remember that the motorcycle salesman wants to sell you a bike, so don’t feel pressured to buy a bike that isn’t right for you or your lifestyle. Make sure that you test ride the motorcycle and are sure it fits you perfectly before going through with the purchase.
• Are the handlebars at the right height for you? Handlebar comfort is a must, especially on long rides or daily commutes? Is it possible to change the position of the handlebars if you realize you’d prefer a different height?
• Are your legs comfortable with the foot controls?
• Is the seating position comfortable for you? Do you prefer to sit upright or leaned forward?
• Is the seat at the right height for you?
• Is the bike light enough for you to manage? This is extremely important when riding and negotiating turns.

Once you’ve found the answer to all these questions, you are ready to purchase your first bike and join the ranks of the many women motorcyclists throughout the country.   In addition, you should consider joining BAM, our free roadside and legal assistance program. You can rest assured knowing you are a part of the nation’s largest volunteer motorcycle assistance program that can help you if you get into any trouble on the road—no matter where you ride or what you ride, If you go down call Russ Brown.   Call  Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® at 1-800-4-BIKERS today! You need an aggressive, experienced top motorcycle lawyer on your side!