Russ Brown/ BAM Motorcycle News – Should you join a motorcycle riding group?Motorcycle clubs

When a rider first invests in a new motorcycle, some are anxious to embrace the open road and for others it can be daunting. Regardless of which category you fall into, a motorcycle riding group can be a great benefit to new riders for the these reasons:

Like-Minded People

Something about motorcycles is a great ice-breaker and being amongst a group of people that all share the same enthusiasm and interest that you do is a refreshing change from the workplace chatter or talking with the same people at the local pub. With motorcycles the range of topics is never ending and can – and will – range from modifications to repairs to planning road trips to sharing crazy stories from previous road trips.

Lower Insurance Rates 

Many of the major riding group such as Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) will be eligible for discounts on their policies.

Learn to Ride in Formation

When riding in a group you will quickly learn the necessity of hand signals and staggered formation.

Motorcycle Riding Groups vs. Motorcycle Clubs

A motorcycle riding group is not the same as a motorcycle club.  To be in a group, a rider simply needs to have a motorcycle that meets the necessary criteria such as a Harley-Davidson to be in H.O.G. and to pay the annual dues.  To be in a club, that is an entirely different scenario and each club has different criteria for joining.A motorcycle club might be comprised of members from law enforcement or more on the outlaw element which are known as the 1%.

Another great way to meet riders and get more involved it through sites like Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups. You have a special interest, chances are there is a meetup group for it including motorcycle riding groups. The Los Angeles, California area has a few motorcycle meetups including one for cruisers, sport bikes, women rides, etc.

Ride With BAM, Free Breakdown and Legal Assistance for Motorcycle Riders

Whether you are a new rider or not you should travel with BAM in your wallet. BAM, free breakdown and legal assistance for motorcyclists helps riders on the road and in the courtroom. Run out of gas, have a legal question, breakdown on the side of the road and you are a long way from home – call BAM and they will try to locate a fellow member who is close by to come help you. Bikers Helping Bikers® – you can’t beat that!

In the meantime, keep riding and keep the shiny side up!