When Accidents Happen

Motorcycle Lawyer Russ Brown: Motorcycle safety is vitally important; you never know when you will be hit by that motorist who never sees you. Riding in cities where traffic is high is a serious concern, and the only way to protect yourself is by adopting a proactive riding position. The most common thing a driver says to police after he has hit a motorcyclist is “I just didn’t see him officer”, and for the most part this is true. So how can motorcyclists protect themselves when riding?
Safety equipment and a quality D.O.T. certified helmet is a good start, if you ride at night, then reflective clothing with bright colors will make you more visible and hard to miss even on roads with poor or low lighting. If you are traveling on congested roads or highways or during rush hour, don’t split lanes and keep a large gap between you and the car in front of you. You never know when you will need to put on the breaks and the last thing you want to run into the vehicle in front of you or be forced to veer to another lane.
You may even consider taking a motorcycle safety course, even if you are an experience rider you will pick up some new skills that could save your life in the event of an accident, and in case you didn’t know you can get a discount on your motorcycle insurance for participating and completing State approved motorcycle rider safety course.
So with your safety gear and rider safety course, you are well protected so now you should be ever vigilant while riding looking for that driver who doesn’t see you. Sometimes nothing you do can protect you from an accident, because you just can’t predict when an accident will happen.
If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident your only recourse at this point is to be thankful you were not killed. Even if you think you were not seriously injured you should still seek medical attention immediately. You could have a concussion, or internal injuries that are not apparent at the time, of which could be deadly if not diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.
After you have seen a doctor you should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss your accident and how to proceed to recover damages to cover your medical bills and repairs to your motorcycle. Almost all personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation so it’s only a question of finding an experienced lawyer.

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