Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Zero Offers its motorcycle riders an App.

A revolutionary name in the motorcycling industry, Zero Motorcycles is taking that revolutionary attitude a step further by offering their riders a smartphone app that allows riders to interact with their bikes for the very first time.
You may or may not know about Zero, but this motorcycle company is unique and on its way up.  Producing nothing but electric motorcycles, they are on the cutting edge of what is new and exciting in the bike world.  This American company got its start in Santa Cruz, California back in 2006 and hasn’t looked back since.  Zero produces all types of bikes from off road machines to police units.
Now, the new app Zero has produced is quite simple.  It connects to your bike through your phone via a Bluetooth device.  What it provides the rider is unprecedented information status on multiple systems running on your Zero machine.  Want to check your charge?  You can do that.  Want to see if your bike is performing at maximum efficiency?  You can do that too.  This app allows you to virtually monitor all of the vital systems that a Zero motorcycle has.  Not limited to just pointing out where the bike is not operating efficiently, the app allows the operator to actually make adjustments to the machine personally.  If there is an issue too involved for an operator adjustment, you can take the bike for service knowing exactly what needs to be repaired which will likely result in you getting your ride back from the garage a little sooner.
The app goes a step further allowing the operator the option of customizing the actual performance of the bike to the operator’s personal riding preferences.  Fine tuning your machine—acceleration, braking, top speed, all with the touch of a button!  Not many vehicles of any kind out there can offer that type of personalized ride!
In addition to the pre/post ride stationary information analysis just described, the app offers something more—a “dashboard mode”.  This setting gives riders, through their smartphone, a more enhanced dashboard.  This Bluetooth driven dashboard essentially allows the operator to track all of the bike’s operating statistics while actually driving the machine!  The dashboard mode allows you to see stats like miles per watt, hours per charge, etc. giving you a much more in depth understanding of your bike and its capabilities.  This makes planning trips, etc., much easier.
This app, available on iPhone and Android devices, has already drawn rave reviews from the technological community is sure to be a cornerstone for the rest of the motorcycle industry’s foray into technologically partnered bikes.  Zero is once again leading the “charge” towards a more innovative future in motorcycling.

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® – Zero Motorcycles Smartphone App.