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As if the gadgets and toys the military gets to play with weren’t badass enough already, revolutionary motorcycle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles is now teaming up with US Special Forces to create a super cool, very different kind of military motorcycle.
Bursting on the manufacturing scene as a company that specialized in creating electric bikes, Zero has seen its profile rise dramatically in recent months. Not one to miss out on an opportunity, the US Special Forces took note of the company’s success and began strategizing how an electric bike might be useful in military operations.
The result is a new type of military motorcycle that reports indicate will be named the MMX.  Featuring keyless ignition, (not all that awesome, I know, but we’re getting there), no intake or exhaust, easily replaceable battery packs, and a really cool stealth feature; blackout capability. This feature, an infrared lighting system will enable the MMX, in combination with its matte black paint, to maneuver at night while being virtually invisible. The motorcycle is quick, efficient and nearly soundless as well—even through rough terrain. Worth noting as well, the bike is capable of operating in 3 feet of water!
The replaceable battery packs are designed in such a way that the MMX’s operators will be able to exchange old ones for new, in under a minute. Each pack has enough charge to last the bike for 2 hours when operating at peak capacity.
Right now it is not known how the military might utilise such a machine but with the unique capabilities the bike possesses, there are a number of potential avenues where a quiet, hard to detect motorcycle might prove a useful tool. The bike is currently undergoing operational tests with the Special Forces.
While the MMX will not be available for sale to the general public, Zero says many of the features it has developed and incorporated into the MMX could be applied to its street models like the MX, FX and XU lines. Which features will make it to the street versions? Time will tell but one thing is certain, Zero will continue to bring innovation to the motorcycle industry.
Until then, keep an eye out for the MMX, if you can see it that is…
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