Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Minimize Your Risk of an Accident with These Simple Tips

Riding a bike under a cloudless blue sky is one of the greatest joys in life, but like most great things there are still inherent dangers involved. Because of this, it’s definitely worthwhile to take a few moments to minimize the chances of your beautiful ride ending in an accident. Here are some tips on motorcycle safety:

    1. Keep your bike in good condition, with regular inspections by professionals, as well as a walk around before every ride. This will not only keep your bike in better condition, but maximize your chances of catching any visible problems before they become major issues.
    2. Don’t take passengers unless you are an experienced rider, and you have thoroughly explained to them the rules of riding on a bike with you. This is important, as one wrong move by them could seriously injure you both.
    3. Always wear protective gear and make sure your passengers do the same.
    4. Don’t wear yourself out.  Like anything that requires intense concentration, riding a motorcycle can be tiring. Stop frequently to stretch or rest, even if it’s just a few minutes for a cup of coffee.
    5. Don’t tailgate other vehicles. Tailgating’s not a good practice in any vehicle, but on a motorcycle it’s especially dangerous. If you find yourself too close behind another vehicle, slow down gradually, while paying close attention to the speed of the car in front of you. Any sudden braking or swerving could be a mere annoyance for them, but a fatal injury for you.
    6. Use your headlights, even in the daytime. A bike with headlights on is always more visible to other drivers than one without. The extra second or two it gives the other driver’s reaction time could very well save your life.
    7. Take extra care at intersections. These areas where several cars meet are particularly dangers to bikers, and nearly 50 percent of all motorcycle accidents occur at one.

When you’re riding, make sure to always use caution and stay alert, so that you can enjoy one of America’s greatest hobbies and keep yourself and other drivers safe at the same time.

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