Chuck Koro

Managing Partner

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Chuck Koro started riding motorcycles in the 1970s when he was in college at the University of Massachusetts. His first motorcycle was a Ducati 250 which his college dorm mates may remember him taking up to his room by elevator in peak snow season. He still managed to get some riding in up and down the hallways. A lot has changed, but not his enthusiasm for the motorcycle community. After growing up in the inner city of Boston and graduating from college, he moved to Los Angeles, CA, where he earned his law degree, never figuring that his love of motorcycles would intersect with his legal career.

Chuck Koro graduated from Southwestern Law School’s two–year accelerated program magna cum laude, second in his class and won nine jurisprudence awards (highest class grade) including one in trial advocacy. Chuck began his now twenty–year career as a litigator spending the first six years working for defense firms and insurance companies. He then moved over to the plaintiff’s side, solely representing injured consumers. In 2001, Chuck Koro joined forces with renowned motorcycle attorney, Russ Brown, and has been litigating biker injury cases ever since.

Today, Chuck Koro is chief of litigation at Brown, Koro & Romag, LLP (Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®) and is revered by his peers as being an experienced and meticulous, hard hitting trial attorney with an incredible track record for winning difficult cases.

As a Motorcycle Accident Attorney, he has recovered millions of dollars for fellow riders who have been injured at the hands of negligent drivers. Chuck Koro is known as a tough litigator, expert negotiator and strategic fighter with a killer instinct. His years of working for insurance companies make him dangerous to them and their lawyers because he understands their tactics from an inside perspective. Chuck Koro’s strong work ethic and ability to build on the strength of a case while identifying the opposition’s weaknesses, provides his clients with powerful legal muscle to maximize their recovery.

No stranger to the courtroom, Chuck will do whatever is necessary to make insurance companies pay his clients what they deserve, including the use of accident reconstructionists, biomechanical engineers, vocational rehabilitationists, economists and medical experts. Chuck Koro is relentless: he won’t back down until he gets the best results for his clients.

In 2013, Chuck Koro was the lead trial counsel for Brown, Koro & Romag LLP (Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®) in Zastawnik v. Rojeski and obtained a $19.4 million verdict for his client, the largest verdict or settlement in the firm’s history. The Zastawnik v. Rojeski verdict was the 8th highest verdict of 2013 in Southern California (LA Times: The National Law Journal, 2013).

When Chuck’s not riding his Harley Davidson Street Glide, he lives, breathes, eats and sleeps motorcycle law. He has written more than 50 articles on maximizing recoveries for injured motorcyclists. He loves to win and does so with integrity and professionalism. Chuck Koro also serves as Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®’ official attorney spokesperson, speaking at clubs and events as well as making numerous on-air appearances including TV and radio interviews.

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