Jim Romag


Jim Romag has been litigating motorcycle accident cases since 1991 and is licensed to practice law in Illinois, Colorado, and California. He began his career in Chicago and first worked on a motorcycle accident case as a law clerk while still in school. The client was one of Russ Brown’s BAM members. As a rider himself, Jim Romag knew immediately that he wanted to dedicate his career to helping motorcycle accident victims.

Jim Romag graduated cum laude from Northern Illinois University College of Law where he was a member of the Law Review. He subsequently represented BAM members in Illinois as the local Russ Brown Attorney for over 15 years before relocating to California. A firm believer in giving back, Jim Romag relishes seeing how much “good” is done for the motorcycle community through BAM’s Free Legal Advice program. Per Jim Romag, “as lawyers, we have an obligation to seek justice and help to whatever extent we can even if this means not getting paid. We can always offer some degree of help to those that reach out to us—even if it just means guiding a person through the small claims process.”

Jim is a partner in Brown, Koro & Romag and spearheads the San Ramon office of Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® serving motorcyclists in Northern California. Like Russ Brown and Chuck Koro, Jim Romag has recovered millions upon millions for his clients and is an avid rider. Jim is known for treating clients like family as well as taking on the toughest of motorcycle accident cases with unfavorable facts. He loves to win, especially when the odds are stacked against him.

Jim Romag has had a love for motorcycles ever since his first ride on his friend’s minibike in grade school. Since then, motorcycle riding has been a life–long passion. When he’s not fighting for his clients, you can catch Jim enjoying one of the many twisty roads in Northern California on his 1198s Ducati.