This year marks the fourth for the women’s only motorcycle campout in the desert of Southern California- Babes Ride Out continues to grow and offer an incredible experience for female motorcyclists. The October 20th campout took over the entire Joshua Tree Lake Campground, Thursday through Sunday, and included a huge variety of entertainment. The final number of attendees sailed in at over 1,600 women ready to get dusty in the high desert, and Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® was on site to join in the fun.
What kind of shenanigans did this mass of ladies get into? Thursday night featured karaoke, Friday brought the Brodeo (bull riding tournament), Saturday had motorcycle field games including the slow race… and each night was accompanied by live music from incredible talents, free beer from 805, a full bar, multiple food trucks, and the best company. Women of all backgrounds traveled from as far as Australia to take part in the history making event, and a solid group of ladies rode over 2,000 miles to come camp in the one of a kind Joshua Tree landscape.
Babes Ride Out started just four years ago as Babes in Borrego, a random campout organized by Anya Violet and Ashmore Bodiford for their lady rider buddies in the Anza-Borrego Desert of SoCal. To their surprise, over fifty women jumped at the chance to hang out with a bunch of like minded chicks, and thus BRO was born. Each year since it’s expanded to accommodate the increasing interest that seems to grow exponentially. Why is it such a popular event? While co-ed motorcycle campouts are a great time too, it seems women are able to more freely enjoy each other’s company in a ladies-only environment. Perhaps because of a lack of posturing between the sexes, or simply because there aren’t a lot of times women are encouraged to connect and share. But dancing under bright desert stars to an incredible Prince cover band and  Iron Maidens isn’t just fun, it’s a memory that’ll last for years to come.
Creators Anya and Ashmore have done an incredible job of finding fun ways to get dusty and dirty in a very under-appreciated part of California. Joshua Tree is named for the prolific growth of the Yucca brevifolia, commonly called the Joshua Tree, a plant that you’ll only find in one area of the world (mostly the Mojave Desert). This truly unique landscape and location ends to the almost magical feeling of the entire experience, and lends to beautiful views while out for daytime rides.
As we continue to expand the types of events we sponsor and help make happen, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® is proud to be working with the Babes Ride Out gals in order to keep such a fun and inviting soiree going for years to come. The ratio of women motorcyclists continues to grow quickly each year, and it’s clear from the excitement surrounding BRO that trips like this help to inflame the passions of lady riders all over America, and the world. If you’d like to learn more about the different aspects of Babes Ride Out, check out their website.
Photographs courtesy of Ashleigh Kaliszuk, copyright Wild and Free Moto  2016.

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