Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorney: If you live in Central California, then you probably already know all about the Morro Bay Motorcycle Loop. With stunning views of both rolling farmlands and the breathtaking Pacific Coast, this motorcycle ride has a little something for everyone.
The Morro Bay Loop:
The Morro Bay loop starts out at Morro Bay, California and then heads north to Monterey on the beautiful and winding Pacific Coast Highway (PCH 1). After turning south through the Salinas Valley and Paso Robles, it ends back where it started at Morro Bay.
What you’ll see:
If you want to take two days to do this ride, I whole heartedly recommend it. There are many exciting places to stop along the way that can turn this ordinary ride into an extraordinary vacation. California motorcyclists can take a tour of the Hearst Castle with its stunning pools and antique rooms and then hike to Salmon Creek waterfall for a beautiful picnic lunch before heading back on the road. Once you enter Big Sur, the choices are endless for a picturesque lunch at one of the many seaside cafés and restaurants. Once you make it into Monterey, you can take a tour of the Fish Market or the award winning Monterey Bay Aquarium, but be sure to grab some fudge or dessert on Cannery Row before hopping back on your bike. Along the way, California motorcyclists can stop at one of the many old and beautiful missions located throughout this ride, including the San Antonio Mission. One of the best features of this ride is that California motorcyclists often find themselves riding alone in solitary bliss back to Morro Bay.
The Morro Bay Loop is just one of many exciting and beautiful motorcycle rides through California. As spring draws near, why not consider taking a weekend drive through your own state.
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