California Motorcycle Accidents And Your Rights

Fontina Motorcycle Fatality Reminds Us All to Ride Defensively :According to Fontana Herald News, a 36-year-old California motorcyclist was killed in a motorcycle accident on Interstate 10 freeway. The motorcyclist and a big rig were both attempting to enter the eastbound Interstate 10 freeway on-ramp when the California motorcyclist lost control of his bike and collided with the rear wheels of the big rig. Sadly, the California motorcyclist suffered major injuries and died less than an hour later.
While not all California motorcycle accidents can be prevented, one of the best ways for motorcycle riders to avoid accidents is to practice defensive driving techniques. Defensive driving encompasses a wide range of practices – common sense, awareness, and thinking ahead, but more specifically:
Trust only yourself: Every other driver on the road could be a potential disaster waiting to happen – put your trust in yourself and expect the unexpected from everyone else. Take special notice of clues that nearby drivers could be trouble: damage or dings on their vehicle, inattentiveness, unpredictable behavior, etc.
Blind spots: Stay out of the blind spots of cars because problematic visibility plays a role in a large number of accidents. Simple rule of thumb: if you cannot see the driver’s face in their mirror, they cannot see you. But don’t rely on them to use their mirrors prior to changing lanes—always have a way out planned ahead of time.
Give yourself extra room: Always make sure you have enough space to react when drivers around you make a mistake. If they change lanes without looking, be ready to move out of the way. If they brake suddenly to avoid an accident, have a way out planned. If they turn without signaling, know what you need to do to avoid danger. In all of these cases, having extra room to maneuver can mean the difference between life & death.
Slow down when needed: Poor road conditions, darkness, numerous hazards, heavy traffic, and pedestrians are all good reasons to slow down. Slowing down also reduces the likelihood of a serious injury occurring.
You have the right to have A California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer You Can Count On
The best defensive tactic you can develop is a good offense, namely that provided by a qualified motorcycle attorney in the event of an accident. A skilled California motorcycle accident attorney can protect your rights and provide you with the best possible chance to receive compensation. Call Russ Brown Motorcycle Accident Attorneys today for a Free Consultation at 1-800-4-BIKERS.

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