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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: California is a scenic paradise for the estimated 1.3 million motorcyclists who live here, yet it also enforces a well-crafted system of motorcycle safety regulations designed to improve safety and reduce risk for riders and drivers who share California roadways. For motorcyclists here, it is critically important to know and comply with all California motorcycle safety laws.
As summarized in information obtained through the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) and the California Highway Patrol (CHP), California motorcycle safety laws specify that:

  • Helmets are required for all riders, including passengers, although a stubborn minority of California riders continue to refuse helmets; helmet speakers are limited to a single earphone only; eye protection is highly recommended although not required by law;
  • Daytime use of a headlight is required for motorcycles built during or after 1978; a light-modulating design is allowed;
  • Motorcycle equipment must include turn signals, and a muffler (without cutout or bypass) that complies with California’s maximum sound restriction of 80 decibels for modern motorcycles;
  • A passenger-length seat and passenger footrest are required if passengers are being carried; yet, there is no age restriction for passengers;
  • Handlebar height is limited so that “ape hanger” handlebars may be no more than six inches above the height of the biker’s shoulders when seated astride the motorcycle;
  • Rider education is required for California motorcyclists under age 21, is state-funded for eligible motorcyclists, and is available through a statewide network of more than 128 authorized training centers;
  • State insurance is required through compulsory minimum liability coverage (15/30/5); at the time of an accident, a rider must be prepared to show proof of insurance or other financial responsibility;
  • Random, periodic safety inspections are implemented to enforce the above regulations.

Interestingly, the controversial, potentially-unsafe practice known as “lane splitting,” in which a motorcycle shares a lane with a vehicle or another motorcycle, is in a gray area not referenced under California law.
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