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Many California bikers have experienced the frustration of riding behind a slow-moving vehicle. Some motorcyclists don’t even think twice before passing the other vehicle. However, California motorcycle accidents can occur when passes are not made safely or when the other driver does not see the motorcyclist. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that 39% of two vehicle fatal motorcycle accidents in 2004 involved another vehicle making a left turn while the motorcyclist was going straight, passing, or overtaking the vehicle. Passing another vehicle is particularly dangerous on two lane roads with traffic in the                                                            opposite lane coming toward a motorcyclist.
Last April, a North Hollywood stunt woman was killed near the Laurel Canyon Boulevard exit on the 101 Freeway in Studio City. An LA Times article reports that the female motorcyclist driving at 55 MPH was trying to pass a tow truck when she lost control and fell off her bike. The rear wheels on the tow truck hit the motorcyclist and she died at the scene. No one else was injured in this California motorcycle crash.
You can reduce your chances of being involved in a motorcycle crash by taking certain precautions when attempting to overtake another vehicle. You should make sure you have ample distance to make the pass safely. Remaining visible to the other driver is also important – you need to be prepared in case the other driver does not see you. Avoid passing in areas where it is prohibited including curves and inclines where visibility of oncoming traffic is limited. The California Motorcycle Handbook contains several tips for to help motorcyclists safely pass other vehicles. A few of the tips offered are:
· Ride in the left part of your lane before switching lanes to pass the other vehicle
· Use your mirrors and turn your head to check for traffic coming from behind
· Use your turn signal before changing lanes to pass and before returning to your original lane
· Be careful not to crowd the car or truck you are passing
· Ride quickly through the other driver’s blind spot
· Stay within posted speed limits
· Only pass on roadways where passing is permitted
California motorcycle accidents still occur even when motorcyclists take safety precautions. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a California motorcycle crash while passing another vehicle or being passed by another vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation. Our California accident injury lawyers are dedicated to representing motorcyclists all over California including Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Diego, and Redding who have been injured in California motorcycle accidents. Call us at 1-800-4-BIKERS today to find out how our expert California motorcycle attorneys can help you.

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