If you’ve been on the internet at all this summer, then you’ve most likely seen this wild video. It leaves you with so many questions as you watch the 1:21 second clip, first of all, HOW and second of all where the heck is the rider…well the owner of the motorcycle is 37-year-old Chain Arunritthirot and I caught up with him to find out, first hand, what in the world actually happen.

Friday, June 19, the day of the accident Chain left work early and hopped on his Honda CBR to start his ride home. He got on the 91 freeway in Corona heading east and noticed it was pretty jammed up with standstill traffic at the 15 junctions, so he decided he would safely cross over a few lanes and take the streets home instead. He was in his own lane just passing semi-trucks on each side of him, when the next thing he knew, he was thrown from his bike and tumbling down the freeway.  He says it felt like he was thrown 120 yards down a football field, miraculously without getting hit. Can you imagine?!



Thankfully he was geared up from head to toe, but even so, going about 60 mph and getting rammed by a minivan must have been scary as all hell! Chain was conscious during the entire incident and stated that he never really felt an ‘impact,’ rather, all of a sudden he was just simply no longer on his bike. As his body began to come to a stop, his mind began to race, what was his next move? He mustered up his strength, looked up, and somehow saw no oncoming traffic, luckily many people on the freeway had slowed down, stopped, and a couple even jumped out of their vehicle to help pull him over to the shoulder. What came next had everyone completely stumped…here was this motorcyclist that had just been bucked off his bike, sliding down the freeway, miraculously still in one piece, yet there was no bike to be found. While people were checking up on Chain, more and more pulled over to see if they could help, then he overheard someone mentioned that his bike was down the road stuck to a minivan!

The mangled bike was located off the freeway, on the side of the road, not too far from the abandoned minivan that had been crashed into a fence. The driver, 25-year-old George Valentin, fled the scene and was caught the following day trying to report the van stolen but later admitting he was behind the wheel, he has been charged with a Felony Hit and Run. There aren’t too many more details, as this is still an open case. Chain, did mention that he spoke to George and has made his peace with him.

Chain, hasn’t ridden since the accident, but we spoke about what the next steps were for him, as far as riding, and he said he won’t be changing how he rides, but how much he rides. He’s still processing the incident, and understandably so! As for the CBR, it’s still toast, but he was able to get it back! Unfortunately, a few parts from the bike have gone ‘missing’ since its visit to the tow yard and it is unlikely he will be receiving enough insurance money to get it roadworthy, so he plans on making it a track bike.

If you’d like to learn more about Chain, how he’s doing, and what his bike is up to, you can follow him @_Chain_909_ or subscribe to his youtube channel.

Interview and blog by Adri Law.

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