Ok here is the scenario: You are on your way to your favorite hangout spot after work, you just cruising cause you are not in a hurry, you come to an intersection and as the light changes from yellow to red you grab the breaks but before you are fully stopped you are hit hard from behind, pushed into the intersection and hit broadside by an oncoming car. Although the accident was serious you are fortunate because a police car was next to you and watched the whole accident happen. An ambulance is called and you are whisked away to the hospital.

Now the question is do you really need a motorcycle accident lawyer to handle your insurance claim when you have local police as your primary witness to the accident proving the other driver was 100% at fault? Believe it or not, but you defiantly should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as you are able to, because even though you accident was witnessed by the police as well as other motorists, there are so many variables that come into play when dealing with insurance companies that could make getting a reasonable settlement difficult, for example:

  • The at fault party’s insurance company dispute the extend of your injuries because you had been involved in an accident 2 years prior to this accident and they claim your prior accident contributed to your new injuries.
  • The at fault driver is under insured and now you must file a claim with your insurance company to receive partial compensation under your under insured driver policy clause.
  • After being pushed into oncoming traffic you were initially hit by only one motorist, but after you went down a motorist who did not see the accident struck your motorcycle, and their insurance company is denying responsibility because they claim their insured only struck your motorcycle after you were down and full liability lies upon the at fault driver who initiated the accident.

These are only some of the variables that could be part of a motorcycle accident claim, making it difficult dealing with insurance claim adjusters, and that alone is why you should have an experienced and aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer who not only has personal injury law experience, but also knows and understands the dynamics of motorcycle accidents and the injuries sustained by motorcycle accident victims representing you and your personal injury case.

Before you speak with anyone regarding your motorcycle accident, except for the police who are gathering all of the details of your accident, you should seek legal council and representation from a motorcycle accident lawyer to ensure your rights are protected and the facts of the motorcycle accident are fully documented.

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