According to a report in the Seguin Gazette Enterprise, a Texas motorcyclist was recently injured when he lost control of his bike and slid to avoid hitting a vehicle. Although the 24-year-old biker avoided colliding with the car, he still suffered significant injuries when he hit the pavement.

According to San Antonio police, the accident occurred on January 25th, 2011 in the 2000 block of Stockdale Highway in Seguin, Texas. The automobile driver pulled out of a parking lot and blocked the pathway of the motorcyclist, who broke hard and lost control of his bike, laying it down as he slid on the pavement. The rider was airlifted to a San Antonio hospital in great pain.

Even though you may avoid a catastrophic motorcycle accident, injuries can still occur. Losing control of your bike can cause you to slide on the pavement and can lead to head injuries, broken limbs, and road rash. Road rash refers to the abrasive burns suffered by a motorcyclist’s skin during a fall and slide on asphalt or concrete road surfaces. This type of injury can be quite serious, causing burns similar to those from a fire, yet with the added discomfort and danger of raw skin exposed to dirt, gravel, and roadway filth. Infection, disfigurement, and skin grafts often follow road-rash injuries.

Although most people think of a Texas motorcycle accident in terms of head injuries and spinal cord injuries, this news story highlights the danger of suffering a serious injury in the form of road rash alone. Such injuries often require costly hospitalizations, surgeries, and lengthy rehabilitation, which are not always covered by basic medical insurance.

If you or someone you love has suffered road rash or any other injury from a motorcycle accident in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, or anywhere in the State of Texas, you should contact a Texas motorcycle lawyer immediately for help. An experienced Texas motorcycle lawyer can explain the available options, and help ensure that you receive the medical care, therapy, and financial support you deserve.

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