San Francisco Bay Area Prime Location for Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

As gleaned from statistics reported recently in the Pinole Patch regarding Contra Costa County and surrounding San Francisco Bay areas, the rate of traffic accidents, including serious and fatal motorcycle accidents, is far higher in some San Francisco East Bay communities than might be expected. Although California accident rates overall had dropped along with reduced vehicle traffic nationwide for several years during the economic downturn, the growing economy is now leading to more motorcycle accidents as both bikers and drivers return to work.

Several years ago, California launched a statewide system for information reporting and analysis regarding serious accidents, and the recent release of statistical results from the Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS) has produced some sobering facts. As many as 70% of local motorcycle crashes involved speeding, alcohol, or drugs, and in the San Francisco Bay Area alone, at least 20% of the motorcycle accidents resulted in one or more fatalities. An informal review of the accident statistics suggests that the numbers are worse in San Francisco Bay Area than elsewhere in California.

Why is motorcycle-riding riskier in the Bay Area?

Although risk factors can be difficult to assess, motorcycle riding in the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding communities seems to be riskier than elsewhere in California. According to Bay Area motorcycle accident attorneys, the combination of local risk factors includes traffic patterns, roadway hazards, overcrowded roadways, hilly neighborhoods with limited visibility, and bridges and ridgelines exposed to dangerous wind gusts. While the San Francisco Bay Area offers many scenic riding opportunities for bikers, extra watchfulness is advised when riding here.

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