Being involved in a motorcycle accident in California is undoubtedly one of the most complicated events you could ever experience in your life; starting with the accident itself, the pain of being injured as well as the substantial cost for medical treatment, and lets not forget about your motorcycle either…even moderate damage could cost thousands of dollars to fix, and lets not forget the time and paperwork involved with making a claim with your insurance company.

Personal injury law is complicated and confusing to persons without legal training and understanding, and having the right motorcycle accident lawyer fighting your case is the most important thing you can do once you have been injured in a motorcycle accident!

One aspect of your initial motorcycle accident claim will involve your insurance company, your lawyer, and the at fault party’s insurance company.

Almost right of the bat if you are found to not be at fault in the accident, the apposing insurance company will without fail either deny your claim or try to minimize both your injuries and motorcycle damages. Here are a few claims adjusters replies to files accident claims.

Even though we admit fault and your client broke his hand and incurred more than $12,000 in medical bills after he was taken by ambulance to a hospital and still has residual complaints, and lost time from work, we are only offering $12,000 because that’s the way we start our negotiations.

Even though our insured changed lanes into your client, your client is at fault because he was in our insured’s blind spot.
Even though our insured is at fault and your client flew over his handlebars and landed on his elbow, we don’t see a connection between his ulnar nerve surgery and this accident (the ulnar nerve runs across the elbow).

Even though we have a letter from the Human Resources Department of the University where your client works setting forth his position, salary and the time he missed from work and even though we have his pay stubs and have spoken with the HR Department directly, we need his entire personnel file before we can pay on his loss of earnings claim.

These may sound comical and somewhat amusing, but consider how you would feel if you were the injured party, and this was what the insurance company of the at fault drive was saying? Insurance companies are in the business of making money and even when legal facts show their insured client is at fault and negligent, they will use any legal means necessary to deny and minimize their financial exposure.
An experienced and aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to overcome these obstacles with the insurance company, and in most cases will take use the facts and evidence in your motorcycle accident case as legal leverage in settling your accident claim in your favor!

So how do you choose the right motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you and your case? First off, experience and knowledge of the personal injury laws in California are essential, but also having a motorcycle accident lawyer who also rides a motorcycle are next on the list of important skills. Why? Well many people think that just having substantial legal skills and experience are all that matters, but an accident lawyer who also rides a motorcycle gives you an added edge because in addition to knowing the law, and having experience in attaining favorable settlements for his clients, a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer who also rides puts additional tools and knowledge in the hands of your lawyer.

An motorcycle accident lawyer who also rides knows about the mechanics and physics of riding on the streets and highways and if he has been riding for a considerable amount of time, then he will have undoubtedly been involved in some sort of accident himself, and this knowledge affords you and your case in depth understanding of being in an accident and with the facts of your injury will give your lawyer a greater understanding when it comes to fighting your case!

Before you retain a motorcycle accident lawyer, ask questions, and be specific; ask about his or her experience in dealing with initial claims, how many case he has won, and what he will do to secure a favorable settlement for your case. The right lawyer will be able to cite past cases and their outcomes, and give you a step by step explanation of how he will pursue your case.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles or California, you need an experienced and aggressive California motorcycle accident lawyer to protect your rights! Call 1-800-4-BIKERS to speak with an attorney who can answer your questions, help you get medical attention and compensation for your injuries!

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