Florida Motorcycle Lawyer

Florida Motorcycle Lawyer: If you are a Florida motorcyclist, you already know how much fun motorcycling in this beautiful state can be. In addition to nearly perfect weather year round, Florida has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. From its pristine beach roads to winding wetlands, Florida motorcyclists can experience some of the best rides in the country. Here are just a few to get you started!

  • Ocala National Forest Route—this 63 mile route takes bikers from Umatilla, Florida through Ocala National Forest. With a mixture of forests, lakes, and wetlands, this road is particularly popular in the spring and fall seasons. Bikers should be sure to notice the old Florida Barge Canal along the way.
  • Orlando to Miami along the Ocean—this ride takes you along the beautiful Atlantic ocean coast line. After leaving Orlando, take the Bee Line Expressway to Cocoa Beach and then head down the coast line. Along the way you can stop at the Kennedy Space Center for a neat tour. If you like scenery, then you’re going to love the drive down Hwy 1. Although Hwy 1 is more congested with traffic and stop lights, it is well worth the hassle.
  • Miami to Key West—this is by far one of the most beautiful rides in the eastern United States and one every Florida motorcyclist should take. Starting in Miami, bikers will want to head to Florida City and then take Hwy 1 south for the real adventure. There will be a series of beautiful bridges through Key Largo, Plantation, and Islamorada. Bikers can do this in a day, but why hurry? I’d suggest spending quite a few days in the Keys to soak up some sun and fun.
  • Miami through the Everglades Ride—if you are starting your trip in Miami, take Hwy 997 North to Hwy 41. This will take you across the Everglades via the Tamiami Trail Scenic Highway. Many of these roads are isolated, so be sure to gas up before taking this trip. You can visit the Big Cypress National Preserve, Everglades Park, or Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge while you are cruising through the area. No other state in the country has a ride like this one and Florida’s everglades are something every tourist and local should appreciate.

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