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A motorcycle accident shut down De Soto Avenue on Thursday and sent one victim to the hospital with injuries. The accident occurred at the heavily traveled intersection of De Soto Avenue and Tulsa Street in Chatsworth and had traffic backed up. At the time of the release, there was little information on what exactly caused the Los Angeles motorcycle accident.
Sadly, a large majority of motorcycle accidents occur at intersections along busy thoroughfares. Drivers who are turning left, as well as other drivers attempting to scoot through yellow lights simply fail to see oncoming motorcyclists. Rain, fog, glare, and other roadside distractions can also increase the likelihood that a driver will fail to notice a motorcyclist on the roadway.
Improve your Visibility Instantly!
Avid motorcyclists in Los Angeles and throughout California can improve their visibility instantly by following these simple motorcycle safety tips:
· Wear brightly colored and reflective clothing: While black may seem to be a popular choice for bikers, the color yellow can actually save your life.Yellow jackets and helmets can be purchased in virtually any motorcycle accessory shop in Orange County. If the color yellow doesn’t excite you, bright blue, red and even orange are all easier to see in traffic.
· Turn on your lights: While most motorcyclists will turn on their lights in rainy and foggy weather, Los Angeles motorcyclists should turn on their headlights to make others aware of their presence–even during daytime.
· Buy a brightly colored bike: Just like clothing, a bike that gets noticed can save your life. When shopping for a bike, look for colorful details or white stripes that can catch a driver’s eye when you approach an intersection.
· Learn how to use your hands: When sharing the road with other drivers, every little bit helps. Hand signals can help other drivers notice you and your motorcycle. Just be sure you know the appropriate signals and never take your hands off of the bike while you are negotiating a turn.
· Add reflective tape to your bike: If you already own a black motorcycle, you can improve your nighttime visibility instantly by adding some reflective tape to your bike and helmet.
While everyone who drives on California roadways has a responsibility to share the road with motorcyclists, motorcyclists also have a responsibility to do their part to improve their visibility. Simply following some of these safety tips can improve your chances of avoiding a devastating and fatal Los Angeles motorcycle accident.
If you or someone you love is injured in a Los Angeles motorcycle accident, you need a motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles on your side. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles can help you obtain the money you need to pay for medical expenses, rehabilitation, long-term care, lost wages and more. Call the Russ Brown Los Angeles motorcycle lawyers at 1-800-4-BIKERS today for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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