So Daytona wasn’t the night we were looking for. I had won this race the last two season, so of course, after training all winter long and probably being one of the favorites to win the event, we had two crashes in the semi, but I was able to pick the bike up and get going to make the Main Event. In the Main Event, I worked my way up to 5th on lap 10 only to have something break in the fuel pump area and end my night. It was just a flat bad night of racing and it happened to be on the opening round. It’s the way it works sometimes for sure.

I had to quickly get back into my groove as the next weekend was the race at the Atlanta short track, a track where I’ve had success. I needed a solid finish before the month-long break we had coming up and with a 2nd place finish for the night and leading a ton of laps I was able to get back where we needed to be.

I’m looking forward to having a little bit of time to get things back in order because when we come back April 20th in Texas we race till the first of June every weekend. While I’m at it, if anyone out there has their own crashes or mishaps you should call the guys down at Russ Brown.

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