Lisa Petrocelli

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: The summer months are a great time to catch up on your reading, and bookworms often bring their reading treasures to pools, beaches, and picnics. If you are looking for an interesting read this summer, look no further than Lisa Petrocelli’s book, The Gloves Come Off. This in-depth look at America’s biker culture is sure to please your inner motorcycle god or goddess.
We’ve all seen them—leather clad bikers gleefully cruising down the road with the wind whipping through their hair. While these motorcycle gods may come from different states, different cultural backgrounds, and different socio-economic levels, they all share one important thing in common—their love of motorcycling.
Lisa Petrocelli has spent the last 10 years meeting and interviewing a number of bikers, power club members (Warlocks), and traditional club members. She then carefully compiled this research into a delightful motorcycle book. Each chapter portrays the character of a particular biker and offers readers a glimpse into life “under the gloves”. Why do they ride? What drives their passion for motorcycling? All these questions are answered in a fun and delightful read that is hard to put down—especially if you love motorcycles like we do. If you love motorcycling or have ever wondered what drives these men to a life on two wheels, then this is definitely a must-read book for you.
About the Author:
Lisa Petrocelli is an Albany, New York native and mother of three. She is also the editor of New York Rider Magazine and spends her free time researching motorcycle events and motorcycle clubs in New York and surrounding states. Her fascination with the American biker subculture prompted her to write this book, and introduce others to the wonderful world of motorcycling.
I met Lisa, for the first time, four years ago at the International Motorcycle Show in New York City and she quickly became one of my favorite people in the motorcycle industry and I always looking forward to the next biker event where I will get to see her again.
You can buy Lisa’s book now at Barnes and Noble and also at
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