Maiden Moto Art Show is an all women’s motorcycle & art show that travels the country displaying at the biggest and best moto rallies and events. Maiden Moto was created to give female artists and motorcycle builders the credit and exposure they deserve, both at women’s only events AND at big rallies.

Oil on Canvas art by Natalie Kleiner

Creator Savannah Rose, @themouseandthemoto, wanted to create an event for female artists, so she came up with the idea to host the show at multiple rallies throughout the year, giving people across the country the chance to experience Maiden Moto. While there are a lot of yearly shows that feature art and motorcycles, they primarily are located in California and happen over one day or weekend. Putting the show on the road, like an old-fashioned circus, means people from other locales get the full experience, too.

Savannah Rose and Artist Sarah Winslow at the show’s “Maiden Voyage” at Tennessee Motorcycles & Music Revival



Savannah set out to round up a crop of artists from various mediums. She contacted friends, found some artists via Instagram, and others still were recommendations from friends along the way. She found artists ranging from painters, photographers, and illustrators, to a blacksmith, a stained glass artist, a leatherworker, a welder, a lamp maker, and more. One of the artists, Tegan Lee, is actually only 6 years old, and her piece of an H-D Panhead engine was painted when she was just 5!  Each artist has their own style and medium, but they all lead back to the basis of the show – motorcycles.



She rounded up a Ford Transit van to haul the show around the country and had it wrapped with the impressive design and the show logo, created by show artist Christina Platis. Then she set out to build the displays themselves – foregoing the ease of just purchasing tradeshow displays. She sourced metal and materials from GetMetals and welded together 6 free-standing metal art displays. The displays really set the show apart from your average art gallery, especially when you’re in the midst of a bustling bike rally. Artists may even be doing live art at events, so don’t miss out!



You’ll be able to find the Maiden Moto Art Show at a variety of shows this year, and for next year, too! Each year will feature new art and artists, and the majority of the art will be auctioned off at the end of the year for charity. 

A Harley-Davidson Panhead engine painted by the show’s youngest artist, Tegan Lee, age 5


Maiden Moto Art Show’s artist list includes such a variety of women. These 23 artists each have something impressive to show, so be sure you check them all out!




You can find the Maiden Moto Art Show at the following events for 2021, but be sure to check out for any updates & changes.


July 9 – 11: Hot Harley Nights, Sioux Falls, SD

Aug 8 – 14: Sturgis Buffalo Chip, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Sturgis, SD

Aug 28 – 29: Born Free Motorcycle Show, Orange, CA

Sep 4 – 7: Four Corners Motorcycle Rally, Durango, CO

Sep 17 – 19: Babes Ride Out Central Coast, CA

Oct 8 – 11: Babes Ride Out Borrego, CA

TBD: Strokers Dallas, TX


Maiden Moto Art Show is brought to you by Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, Sena Bluetooth, Bell Helmets, Memphis Shades, Lowbrow Customs, Kuryakyn, and Supertrapp.



Check out for all the show information, and give them a follow on Instagram at @maidenmotoartshow 


A crowd enjoying the art show at TMMR this year. Be sure to catch it at an event near you!



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